Bath and Body Works Sweet Summer Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist Review

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Whenever it comes to super smelling body lotions and deliciously perfumed body mists, Bath and Body Works is definitely one of the options on a woman’s list! I am a big-time fan of these fragrances and keep on experimenting with them as they have so many kinds to offer. This time I picked up the variant of the body mist called “Sweet Summer Kiss” because I love sweet scents. So let’s see if this was as amazing as the other body mists that I have tried.

Price: Rs 690/-

Product Description by Bath and Body Works:
Bring your sweet and flirty self out, with this amazing body mist from Bath & Body Works. Enriched with tantalizing notes, Bath & Body Works Sweet Summer Kiss Body Mist is sure to keep you fresh and up all day long. The gorgeously crafted pump bottle not only looks beautiful to adorn your shelf and handbag, but also provides great ease of use and application.
This mist contains top notes of passion fruit, pink Italian wine prosecco, and juicy red currant, with mid notes drenched in the scent of lily flower, pink hibiscus, and water lily, spiced with plum, and base notes of moss, amber, and blond wood.
Immerse yourself in the enticing essence of these wonderful notes, and keep everyone around you on tenterhooks, with the aura of fruity and flowery.
This body mist stays for a long time, leaving around subtle hints, as it settles down, and becomes one with you.

My Experience with Bath and Body Works Sweet Summer Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist:

The mist comes in a super attractive and cute pink bottle which is transparent so we can easily make out when to restock. It has a floral design all over it which makes it look even better. The bottle is pretty big and heavy but I would definitely carry it along because we need such amazing fragrances wherever we go. The pump nozzle is very easy to use, hence the packaging is great.
Coming to the fragrance, the moment I open the cap I enter into a heavenly world full of juicy fruits. The top notes are a strong aroma of passion fruit and black currant, and these two notes dominate the rest when you spray it. It is a very sweet fragrance which usually people don’t like or complain of headaches, but I do like it and I need such in my life always. Approximately 4-5 sprays are required for me to smell like the mist. The fragrance gradually becomes less strong after a while, but yet the silage is high. The middle notes that I could recognize were complete floral notes with some hints of fruity notes. I would call this mist a combination of floral and fruity notes. The middle notes were subtle lily, plum and something like pink wine/rose wine. It lasts for a good 3-4 hours, which is decent, but lower than some other Bath and Body Works body mists that I have used till date. What I observed is that this mist stays longer on the skin rather than when sprayed on the clothes, so I apply this trick whenever I use it. It is a lovely fragrance which only sweet fragrance lovers will love, the rest are surely going to hate it! But if you like this one, it will keep you refreshed, energised and smelling good all day.

Pros of Bath and Body Works Sweet Summer Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist:

    • Very affordable given the quality and quantity.
    • Attractive and cute looking bottle in dark glossy pink color.
    • The fragrance is a combination of floral and fruity notes.
    • It smells really sweet and keeps you refreshed and energised all day.
    • It smells strong and people around you can sniff it too as the silage is high.
    • It has top notes of passion fruit and red currant which are amazing followed by wine, plum and lily mid notes.
    • It stays for 3-4 hours and even longer when sprayed on the skin.
    • People who love sweet smells are going to fall for this.


Cons of Bath and Body Works Sweet Summer Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist:

  • It does not stay as long as the other Bath and Body Works mists.
  • It is not everyone’s cup of tea; might give headache to a lot of women.

Will I repurchase/recommend Bath and Body Works Sweet Summer Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist?

I pretty much liked it and presently love using this, and will happily use it till it is over. But, again, there are infinite fragrances available from Bath and Body Works so it becomes really difficult to stick to one, so I might just switch to other. It is recommended to all the women who love sweet notes.

Rating: 4/5

I am loving this mist lately as it is so refreshing but make sure you try it out at the store as it is strong and extremely sweet!

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  1. I just love love love Bath and Body Works mists! Currently using ‘sunset by the pool’ and it smells divine 😛

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