Bath and Body Works The Sweethearts Daisy Dreamgirl Shea Enriched Body Lotion Review

Hello sweeties,

Winters come with a lot of lip balms and body lotions hoarding and yes, I admit that I am mad hoarder! 😛 So I went to a nearby store and spotted a few Bath and Body Works lotions and BBW screams me, because it’s just my kind, not one product that I wouldn’t like! So I picked up this lotion called “Daisy Dreamgirl” and the reason was because I absolutely love “the sweethearts” range  So read to know how my new lotion worked for me!

Bath and Body Works The Sweethearts Daisy Dreamgirl Shea Enriched Body Lotion

Price: Rs 800 for 236 ml (the price varies from store to store)

Product Description by Bath and Body Works:

Picture your name in lights! Unleash the glitz & glamour of your inner starlet with a luxuriously hydrating blend of star daisy and bright clementine. Rich, creamy moisture and a dazzling blend of delicious passion fruit, frosted jasmine and white amber, immerse skin in our exclusive hydrating formula. Skin-softening shea butter delivers all-day moisture, making it our most glamorous everyday lotion ever. Shea Butter, fast absorbing Jojoba Oil and protective Vitamin E hydrate skin with moisture that lasts all day. Our non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and completely to leave skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished.

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My Experience with Bath and Body Works The Sweethearts Daisy Dreamgirl Shea Enriched Body Lotion:

I saw a lot of bottles from Bath and Body Woks sitting on the store shelf but this one lured me the most because I am really into berries, passion-fruits and frosty scents.

Packaging: The BBW Daisy Dreamgirl lotion comes in the signature bottle from them filled with a lavender coloured thick lotion. The bottle is topped up with a shiny bright purple cap which adds to the packaging. It has a super cute label in dark purple with daises over it which makes it look absolutely gorgeous. The bottle has a very nice press open cap which is so much better in quality than the other BBW lotions. The bottle isn’t very heavy and huge, so it can easily be carried around when travelling. An entire range is available to double up the effects of the fragrance.


Texture, Consistency and Fragrance: The lotion comes in a lavender colour which looks extremely cute. The consistency is neither thick nor runny. It is just perfect as a body cream especially for winters. It comes out smooth and gets layered on my skin even smoother. It feels a little cool when I apply it. I don’t have to massage it a lot because it gets absorbed almost instantly during the colder days. But during the summers, it might feel a little heavy and greasy on the skin initially.

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The scent is definitely their USP! It smells of fresh juicy and frosted passion-fruits with some hints of daises. It is followed by strong amber and a musky hint as it settles down. It smells amazing and I actually smell really good when I have this on. The fragrance for the initial hour is very strong and people around me can smell this heavenly scent. It smells frosty and warm at the same time. Because the passion-fruit gives an icy hints while the amber adds warmth. It is a super sweet fruity smell rather than being the floral daisy kind. I think this is one scent that everyone will like since me and mom both loved this one, and mom doesn’t like the typical BBW ones, so this is a hit for sure!

Results and Staying Power: It gives an instant boost of hydration to my skin which makes my skin look fresh and bouncy. I can feel the softness and the supple touch after using this. It keeps my skin hydrated for 7-8 hours and then a little re-application is needed. It is good for winters too as it works good for normal and dry skin both. The scent stays for 2 hours and then only a faint scent lingers on my skin.
Overall, yes, this is my new love from Bath and Body Works 


Pros of Bath and Body Works The Sweethearts Daisy Dreamgirl Shea Enriched Body Lotion:

• The bottle looks super attractive in shiny and vibrant purple bottle topped up with daises.
• Contains vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter which nourishes the skin very well.
• A very handy bottle loaded with good amount of quantity at that price.
• The lotion is very smooth and gentle on the skin.
• It keeps my skin hydrated for a long time say 7-8 hours and this is good enough to hydrate dry skin too.
• It smells amazingly heavenly; it is a very delicious scent of something like frosted and icy passion-fruit along with strong amber notes which make the scent cool and warm at the same time.
• It actually smells very glamorous and sexy portraying a very fun and a flirty image of a woman.
• The fragrance lingers for 2 hours strongly and the mild scent stays till the next day.
• The fragrance is very summery and wintery at the same time.
• It leaves my skin supple soft and it actually looks fresh.
• Not tested on animals which is great on their part.


Cons of Bath and Body Works The Sweethearts Daisy Dreamgirl Shea Enriched Body Lotion:

• It is very fruity; the daisy which means the floral hint is extremely less.
• More expensive in India as compared to USA (you could get it at discounted prices online).
• Skin might feel a bit greasy during summers.
• No SPF.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Bath and Body Works The Sweethearts Daisy Dreamgirl Shea Enriched Body Lotion?
Yes for sure! I highly recommend this one because this is one scent that everyone will surely like. I am saying this because I and my mom have opposite choices when it comes to BBW and VS stuff. She hasn’t loved any of the body lotions from BBW which I have got, but she loved this! I would definitely put this one my hit-list 

I say this every-time but yes I absolutely loved this lotion and I would grab one more bottle for sure in the future.

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