Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion Review

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Hello sunshines,

It is my dream to collect all the Bath and Body Works products because they are extremely cute and look just the way I like – colourful, girly and chic! Give me 100 B&BW products, and I will want the 101st one too. Decorating my shelf with new, super trendy bottles gives me immense satisfaction, but I controlled my craving a bit and picked only 4 products this time. Have a look at this super good body lotion!

Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion Review1

Product Description:
Cool off during the white hot days of summer with our summer chill collection and drench yourself in skin-quenching fragrances inspired by ultra-refreshing fruits and exotic flowers frozen in ice. White mango chill is an ice cold summer cooler of white mango, kiwi sorbet and strawberry frost frozen with muguet blossom and blue sugarcane.

Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion Review3

INR 750 for 236 ml (the price varies from store to store)

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My Experience with Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion:

Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion Review

The White Mango tag looked very unique to me since we have seen mango flavoured products around, but this one seemed different. Hence I got it out of curiosity to see what really is ‘white’ mango? The lotion comes in a light peach coloured bottle which is filled completely with huge quantity of body lotion in sorbet peach colour. The label, again, has very fresh and colourful feel to it with different colours that add spice to the packaging. It has a metallic cap in orange which is a press-open one. It is super easy to carry in your bag wherever you go; although it is a little heavy when your bottle is full and will occupy a lot of space. Also the cap is pretty conveniently designed. You just have to press it like a button, press the bottle a little and it comes out.

Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion Review2

The body lotion is thick in consistency, but blends very well on your skin. It get layered smoothly on the skin although it takes quite some time to get completely absorbed into my skin. The hydration power is like really good, and like our Vaseline, that heals dry skin very well. Over regular Vaseline and Nivea, this gives an amazing burst of fragrance which probably no other brand can beat. The fragrance of this lotion, which is its USP too, is something I fell in love with, the moment I got the bottle in my hand. It smells very much like a blend of sweet and juicy mangoes that is more dominant over others hints; a hint of sliced kiwis, a combination of various little berries like raspberries and strawberries ending with a cooling aqua fragrance give it the frosty and icy touch.

Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion Review4

It doesn’t actually feel cool on the skin, but gives a very nice, cool smell which is totally needed to pop up mood during summers. It is a very fun and a refreshing fragrance which is apt for summers, so I think I will have to keep it inside the closet during the current season. I just love this smell and will totally recommend it to all of you because this smells like a nice fruit punch that you totally need to quench your thirst during summer days. And, if you need those delicious drinks, I think your skin deserves it too!

Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion Review5

Pros of Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion:

• The packaging looks damn gorgeous
• Contains Vitamin E and shea butter that nourish the skin very well
• A very handy bottle loaded with good amount of lotion at this price
• The lotion is very smooth and gentle on the skin
• It keeps my skin hydrated for a long time, say 7-8 hours and this is good enough to hydrate dry skin too
• It has a heavenly fragrance which I fell in love with the moment I sniffed it; it smells of fruit and sweet mangoes with a blend of kiwi and super sweet berries
• The fragrance lingers for 3 hours on the skin
• The fragrance is very summery and can uplift your mood
• The fragrance is very fun, refreshing, cooling and icy
• Not tested on animals, which is great

Cons of Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion:

• Not apt for all-round year; will work great only during summers
• More expensive in India as compared to US (you could get it at discounted price online)
• Skin feels a little greasy when you apply it, but it gets absorbed quite well after 15 minutes or so

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion?
Yes, of course! I surely recommend without a doubt because this is one of the best summery and cool fragrances you can get. Get this one and you won’t be able to stop yourself from sniffing your skin!

IMBB Rating:

My hunt doesn’t stop here because I am soon going to come up with more of their amazing products.

Till then, take care my favourite people!

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4 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works White Mango Chill Body Lotion Review

    1. Very tempting … i am totally loving it 🙂 🙂 you know actually when you might just to pick this up… you will see sooo many bottles and you might just end up picking some other.. that’s why i picked so many coz just cant resist lol 🙂

  1. Saloooooni this is a treat for a mango lover in me! I understand the kinda consistency it. Recently a friend gifted me a local brand’s strawberry lotion and its just like a sorbet and I assume this one is like that. I am not a fan of sweet and fruity fragrance, but always make an exception when it’s B&BW. Love it!

    1. Yes white mango is something that you should try.. a different mango which you will love..yes it is not like a lotion which would gets absorbed super soon…it takes a while.. hahahaha yaaaaa bbw is always followed by an exception coz people just love it 🙂

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