Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion Review

Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion

Fresh and light. These adjectives come to mind the first time I smelled Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion. The airy scent of this lotion and the heat of the summer season create good balance to me.

Bath and Body Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion

From Bath and Body Works Website:

Our exclusive Signature Body Lotion formula, fortified with powerful ingredients like super conditioning Shea Butter, fast absorbing Jojoba Oil and protective Vitamin E, hydrates skin with moisture that lasts all day. Our non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and completely to leave skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished, making it the perfect daily moisturizer.
• Our exclusive, refreshing Rainkissed Leaves fragrance is a crisp scent, inspired by lush, green leaves refreshed by cool, summer rain
• Key fragrance notes: Crisp Watercress, Lush Muguet, Transparent Woods, Fresh Raindrops.

Bath and Body Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion

My Experience with Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion:

Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion is packaged in a transparent plastic bottle with silver plastic cap. It comes in two sizes. The bigger one has 236ml of product in it. The one I have is the smaller one which has 88ml of lotion in it and which I find very convenient to bring on a vacation or on a travel.

Bath and Body Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion 3

The lotion itself is white in color. It is very easy to apply and to blend on skin. It is absorbed fast and is very lightweight on skin. It was able to relieve dryness on my skin upon application. My skin is less dry during the summer when I use this particular lotion. I usually use this midday before going out and at the end of the day, when I check my feet and knees which are the driest part of my body, they are still moisturized.

Bath and Body Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion4

Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves’ scent reminds me of the scent of a forest after a downpour. I live in a place where tropical forests are just 5 minutes drive away. So I am kind of familiar with forest freshness. Some portions of forests are made into parks where people can enjoy nature’s wonder. I visit that place few days in a month and this lotion reminds me of the joy I feel on that park.  Rainkissed Leaves leans towards “nature” scent, perfect to use on warmer days.

Bath and Body Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion

The scent reminds me of water, rain, dew, grass, leaves, forest and garden. I find the scent unisex. It is not the floral type of scent and not too feminine. The smell stays the whole day on my skin and I love that it is not overpowering.

Bath and Body Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion – What I like:

-I super love nature fresh scent. It’s a lovely spring and summer scent. =)
-It is absorbed fast by the skin.
-It is light on skin, not sticky or greasy.
-Scent stays all day long.
-It leaves my skin moisturized, soft and smooth.
– Some find this expensive but I consider this product as a lotion and perfume in one, so price of around $15 for a full size bottle is reasonable to me. Small size bottle costs $5.

Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion – What I Don’t like:

-It has no SPF.

Final Thoughts:

I find it true that a certain scent brings back memories of events and people in our lives. Whenever I smell this Bath and Body Lotion, I remember happy memories I had with my son playing in a tropical forest. Whenever I smell Eclat, I was reminded of my mom. What scents remind you of special events in your life? I read that it is proven that olfaction or sense of smell is connected with memory. The olfaction nerve lies close to area of the brain associated with emotional memory.

So wherever we are going, whoever we are meeting, we can make an impression through the scents we wear. Be remembered by wearing a lovely scent. It will make them think of you dearly and the special day they spent with you. =)

Always wear beauty!

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    1. I agree Neha, such a pretty name for a lotion. Name suggests freshness! 😛
      Yup scents bring back memories. 😛 Thanks Neha.

    1. Hi Ila. Most BBW smells really really lovely and there are lots of scents you can choose from. Lemme know how you find them once you;ve tried. I am sure you’ll have couple of favorites from BBW. *thankyou* *thankyou*

  1. i love nature *happy dance* i love forests *happy dance* and thus i love this moisturizer too *happy dance* … And this smileys are just amaaaaaaazing *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* …. Nicely reviewed val *haan ji*

  2. am totally in to try it out first.. *happy dance* the way u described it is amazing val.. really great review *oye balle*

  3. the name is soo nice – rain kissed. It gives that feeling of pampering your skin during monsoons *woot* very good review val. I’d love to give this a try! *drool*

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