Bath & Body Works The Sweethearts Sexy Dahlia Rush Fragrance Mist Review

Bath & Body Works The Sweethearts Sexy Dahlia Rush Fragrance Mist

Hello my favourite girlies,

I recently got 2 mists from Bath and body works and this was like love at first sight. I saw this extremely gorgeous bottle and fell in love with it because their bottles look pretty serene and calm but this one just stood out in its dark wild colour. I was eagerly waiting for these mists to be tried and took them with me for my recent trip. I tried approximately 5 mists but my mind was fixed on this one. Let’s get into details about this one.

Price: Rs. 795 for 236 ml( Only at beauty shops, Mumbai.. or else the price may range between 1000-1200)
What BBW says about bath and body works the sweethearts sexy dahlia rush fragrance mist?
Lavishly spray your skin for a light and indulgent aroma of wild dahlia, velvet plum and juicy red currant warmed with notes of black jasmine and spiced vanilla. Our sophisticated new pump delivers great coverage and delicate mist for the lightest most refreshing way to fragrance!
• A rush of wild dahlia & black jasmine wrapped in velvet plum
• Our beautiful, sophisticated bottle features a new travel fragrance pump for a more delicate

Key Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Juicy Red Currant, Baies Rose Orpur, Wild Berry, Golden Delicious Apple
Mid Notes: Velvet Plum, Black Jasmine, Blue Iris Scentrek, White Peach, Wild Dahlia
Dry Notes: Tonka Roasted Absolute, Spiced Vanilla, Velvet Musk, Spun Sugar, Benzoin Laos Orpur

My take on Bath and body works the sweethearts sexy dahlia rush fragrance mist

This fragrance mist belongs to the sweethearts range of BBW and I think this range has 3 mists and this is one of the 3. Talking about this one, it comes in a beautiful and gorgeous looking purple cylindrical bottle along with a silver spray nozzle which is very easy to use and does not become tight or rust in any case. It is pretty heavy and huge in size so cannot be easily carried but somehow I carry it because I love the fragrance. This fragrance just boosts up the confidence I don’t how but it is at least for me. The fragrance is indeed a very sexy and a feminine one. Once you spray it you just start feeling very sensuous and sophisticated. It smells very sweet and I think this is a fragrance that will be appealing to almost everyone because it doesn’t concentrate on a fruity or a floral side, its powdery. It opens with wild berries and plums which is not that mid and not that strong too.

Somewhere after some time you can start smelling juicy peaches and bergamot and these were the only prominent smells that I could recognize. It lasts on the skin more than it lasts on the clothes so I normally spray it on the skin too. It lasts for a couple of hours precisely say 3 hours and then it starts to fade but you can smell it on yourself but the other will not be able too. It is a romantic fragrance as well and refreshes up the mood when sprayed. It may last pretty longer with the same body lotion but my hard luck that I couldn’t find it. I think 4-5 spritz were enough for it to last upto 3 hours and then to again get that fresh lovely fragrance you have to spray it again. This fragrance can be used any time during the day and night as well. Well concluding, I would say that I am in love with this fragrance and will never regret buying this infact really happy that I picked this one.


Pros of Bath & Body Works The Sweethearts Sexy Dahlia Rush Fragrance Mist

-The bottle looks very gorgeous in purple and it stands out among all the bottles of BBW mists.
-Quantity is something everyone will be ready to pay for.
-Very convenient to use spray nozzle and 4-5 puffs will be enough for a time.
-Heavenly and wild sensuous fragrance and I am sure each and every person will love this fragrance whether you are a floral or a fruity fan.
-It smells amazingly powdery and basically smells of wild plums, berries and peach.
-The fragrance lasts upto 3 hours and then you need to re-spray it to get a fresh feel again.
-It makes the mood very cheerful and makes you feel poised.

Cons of Bath & Body Works The Sweethearts Sexy Dahlia Rush Fragrance Mist

-Bottle is really huge so not travel friendly but whatever I always take it along lol.
-Availability is an issue.
Will I repurchase/recommend Bath and body works the sweethearts sexy dahlia rush fragrance body mist?
Yes I will surely get one more of this when I am done with this one. I sure shot recommend this to all the ladies to try it out because it is a very sensual fragrance and it actually makes you feel sexy. Although due to the availability you will have to hunt a lot but this is totally worth it.


IMBB rating: 5/5

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    1. Thankoo soo much dear *thankyou* *pompom* *pompom* yes tis is going to last really long *hifive* loving it currently *hifive* *hifive* you too should sniff it out once *pompom*

  2. Awsome review Saloni *woot* looking at the notes and your description, i am sure of getting this one *hihi* *happy dance*

    1. Yes it worked amazingly for me Vaishnavi *happy dance* *happy dance* i totally loved it *happy dance* *happy dance* *thankyou* *thankyou* very much *happy dance* get and let me know how did you find it *hifive*

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