Bath and Body Works Into The Wild Body Lotion Review

Bath and Body Works Into The Wild Body Lotion Review

By Nalini Jindal

Hello my gorgeous friends out there,

This is supposed to be my very first review on IMBB and I am super excited and a little nervous too.  I am a regular on the site as far as reading the reviews is concerned and I have even bought products based on IMBB reviews. For that matter, now I check for reviews here and then go buy my products. Needless to say, I have never gone wrong with my purchases this way. This inspired me to contribute to the site as well, so here I am, with my two cents 🙂


I am beginning the journey with my favourite body lotion from the Signature Collection of Bath and Body Works – Into The Wild.  I must say I am a hoarder as far as body lotions are concerned and this one is my new found love.


Are way too many and I am going to be posting a picture for the same.


My Experience with Bath and Body Works Into The Wild Body Lotion:

I bought this from one of the stores in Lokhandwala – Mumbai, and yes the product is not available easily. Not sure where you can get it in Delhi or other places.  So, now coming back to my verdict – I simply love, love, love this lotion.  The lotion is awesome in winters as even the tiny bit of it moisturizes the skin aptly. For dry skin like mine, it works perfectly fine in summers as well. I like how it is not so runny or so thick or sticky. It gets absorbed easily and hydrates the skin leaving it soft and supple.


About the fragrance – Oh! so good. It is a cocktail of woody! fruity! flowery! yes, all rolled into one.  It does have a strong fragrance but not the headache giving type strong. You do want the smell to linger on for a while (don’t you?) and this one does linger on for long.


The product is 8 FL OZ/ 236 ml and does last long as you have to use just a small amount of it. I have this habit of washing my hands too many a times in the day and to make matters worse, I generally have a very dry skin. Therefore I need a lotion that moisturises my skin well and this one does a neat job. Wear it on a date, wear it for an evening out with friends or wear it just like that.


Pros of Bath and Body Works Into The Wild Body Lotion:

  • Love the packaging; it is kind of classy and simple.
  • Very hydrating, very moisturising.
  • Smells great, I am in love with the fragrance.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Does what it claims.
  • The fragrance is long lasting.
  • Assures you compliments from husband/boyfriend 😉

Cons of Bath and Body Works Into The Wild Body Lotion:

  • Its non-availability is the only con I can think of. Though is it available in some stores where you get imported cosmetics as well as online.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Bath and Body Works Into The Wild Body Lotion?

Definitely YES.!! Even if I don’t that would only be because I want to try all other body lotions by Bath and Body Works.

Thank you so much everyone for reading through this. Please do leave your comments below.

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