Batiste Fruity and Cheeky Cherry Dry Shampoo Review

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I recently saw Batiste ads and bottles all over online beauty stores and I couldn’t wait a second to pick them up because Batiste is one of my favorite products. I am so glad they came to India and I am surely going to be their loyal customer. I picked up two variants and both are pretty different from each other, today, I am reviewing the “Cherry” variant. Hope you like the review 🙂
Batiste Fruity and Cheeky Cherry Dry Shampoo

$5.99 for 120 gm/retails at INR 649 in India.

Product Description by Batiste:
Batiste Dry Shampoo Fruity and Cheeky Cherry banishes oily roots, giving dull, lifeless hair the makeover it needs without any water. A quick burst revitalises hair, adds body and texture and leaves it feeling clean and fresh too.

Directions For Use:
Shake vigorously before use. Keeping nozzle about 30 cm from hair, spray into roots. Massage through with fingertips. Brush and style.
Details at the back

My Experience with Batiste Fruity and Cheeky Cherry Dry Shampoo:

I have thin and limp hair and my hair gets greasy pretty quickly, especially during summers! That’s why, I need a few bottles of dry shampoos on my vanity to freshen up my hair every now and then. Batiste is a very famous brand and well known for dry shampoos, so will not talk much about the brand.

The dry shampoo comes in a long, sleek, cylindrical tin. This is the cutest-looking dry shampoo ever because it has some cute little cherry lip pattern on it, which I totally loved. It has a transparent cap and has a spray nozzle, which is very easy to use. You can carry it in your bag also, if you have to attend an office conference or a date, this would be great to make your hair look fresh. This comes in a lot of different sizes, so yes, they would fall under the travel-friendly category.
Dry shampoo

They have strictly instructed to hold and spray 30 cm away from the scalp. As soon as you spray, it releases a whiff of lovely fragrance, which really lives up to the name of the dry shampoo. It smells very fruity and feminine and I love such girly scents. It opens up with a fresh crisp burst of juicy berries which lingers in my hair for a while. As soon as you spray, you see a whitish grey layer on the hair. It just felt like water on my hair, imparting a cooling sensation to my scalp. You have to rub in the white layer so that it would absorb all oil.
Nozzle spray

It doesn’t take even a minute to rub it in and the white layer vanishes. I was really amazed to see that all the greasiness and oil from my hair had disappeared with the powder and it looked like I had shampooed my hair. I did not expect this dry shampoo to work this brilliantly. This is even better than the variants that I have tried earlier. I touched the scalp and it looked completely oil free. My mom too has tried this and it worked great for her thick hair too. It did not make my hair hard or sticky. I think it is a great alternative to regular shampoo, when you actually don’t have much time to shampoo your hair every alternate day.

Pros of Batiste Fruity and Cheeky Cherry Dry Shampoo:

  • Super cute and attractive packaging.
  • Available in travel size variants too.
  • The spray nozzle is great and convenient to use.
  • Lovely fragrance.
  • A good alterntive for women with greasy hair when washing hair every day is not possible.
  • Completely absorbs oil from the hair in 2 minutes.
  • Hair looks fresh and soft, just like after regular shampooing.
  • Works on thick hair as well as thin and fine hair.
  • Does not leave a white cast on the hair, you can brush off the grey cast.
  • Lifts up hair a bit, making it voluminous.

Cons of Batiste Fruity and Cheeky Cherry Dry Shampoo:

  • Limited availability in India, though it’s easily available online.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Batiste Fruity and Cheeky Cherry Dry Shampoo?
Of course, a big YES..!! I want to get as many bottles as possible because this dry shampoo has totally proved it to me that dry shampoos actually work. If you want to pick a dry shampoo, try this one. I have currently two bottles and totally love them during the current summers!

IMBB Rating:

I am really happy that finally Batiste has entered India and we all can try their products.

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  1. saloni i can imagine why you have picked up this shampoo- the bottle screams ‘you’. 😀 I am not a hugest fan of batiste dry shampoo buy i would love to give this one a try for sure. good review as always. :-*

    1. Hi Rati…can you suggest a good dry shampoo for dry and thin hair…in shampoo I generally use ayurvedic products…finding ayurvedic dry shampoo is not possible but less chemical is preferable… thanks

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