Bausch & Lomb Optima Natural Look Color Lens-Dark Hazel

Bausch & Lomb Optima Natural Look Color Lens-Dark Hazel

Bring a fresh change to your daily look by giving your eyes a new color with the help of colored contact lenses.


INR 1190 per pair.

Like I promised, I will be reviewing my new color lens from Bausch & lomb which I am trying for the first time, I am here with a wearable hazel shade of color lens which you often see me wearing in my eye shadow reveiws. Lets see if these can be your color lens too..

Bausch & lomb Optima Natural Look Color Lens

Remember the ad on lens where they say “Bausch & lomb ne badli life meri, confidence, contacts and me” 😛 well those were not color lens for sure but any way, this is what the brand reminds me of. Now I see most online beauty stores carry color lens, (definite credit to color lens reviews on IMBB)
You can read my color lens reviews from Ciba vision in the links down below.

Pink lens case

My sister-in-law gifted me this cute pink lens case, for lens wear/change on the go, with tweezers, and a tint bottle(missing from the pic) and a pink case which was leaking unfortunately, hence i used my own strudy case for lens. You can see the original lens pack in the pic on top. They need to be transferred to a case with contact lens solution immeditely, so in case you buy lens, keep you solution bottle ready.

cBausch & lomb Optima Natural Look Color lens Dark Hazel (5)

The lens though a very nice color, are not as soft as my freshlook ones. These can be used for three months as compared to freshlook which had to be used only 30 times. The feel to these lens is plasticky. which is so disappointing. I love how freshlook feels petal soft but with these I some how knew they look and feel plastic. Not an ideal thing for lens wearers for continuous hours.

Bausch & lomb Optima Natural Look Color Lens Dark Hazel (3)

The lens, unlike my freshlook ones have to be worn one side only. As in you cant turn them inside out and wear them, the correct side is darker than the other.Let me show you here:

Right side top:

Bausch & lomb Optima Natural Look Color Lens Dark Hazel (6)

Inside out

Bausch & lomb Optima Natural Look Color Lens Dark Hazel (7)

There was no sensitivity caused by them, but these were not very comfy either after an hour, I have been wearing lens for the past 7 years and hence I know what is good for longer wear, this one I am afraid is good for shorter wear only. May be its not the case with people whose eyes are not used to lens, or the opposite but in my case, I find freshlook better than these.

All said and done these lens make my eyes look round, and they could be a little difficult a color to pull of if you are new to lens.These might feel a little unnatural too because of the color pattern on them as compared to freshlook just that these will lat you longer than freshlook. Cost wise, both would be same.

With purple eyeshadow:

purple eye makeup

With silver eyeshadow:

hazel eyes


Last word:

These are not petal soft and hence these are not my first choice, I love my freshlook lens but because these last longer, and have great colors to chose from, these can be my party wear. The shade will be good for warmer skin tones, dusky and fair with yellow undertones. Not an ideal shade for first-timers. Read 5 more color lens reviews in the links below. 🙂

If you have any questions on color lens wear,I will be glad to answer them out of my experience, drop them in the comments below 🙂

IMBB Rating:


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20 thoughts on “Bausch & Lomb Optima Natural Look Color Lens-Dark Hazel

  1. omg miss pretty eyes!!!!!!!!!!! actually it is your eye shape that is making the lens color look good! hazel eyes are a big weekness with me ( read hrithik roshan) and now yourself neha! no wonder i am not able to take my eyes off your eotds!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey there B’day Girliie 🙂 .. this color is looking super hot on ur pretty eyes 🙂 lovin eyerything bot the look 🙂

  3. ive never tried coloured lenses but would love to! n i never knew lenses have this think that theyre diff one side and other side… is it so for normal lenses also ? ive been using lenses for 4yrs but never knew this :O
    ur eyes look gorgeous,, but as u said theyre not very soft, i would stay frm them, n def try freshlook when i want coloured ones:)

  4. Love these lenses and the cute case Neha……I have this desire to wear lens at least once….and your reviews give me the confidence….:)

  5. wow!! ….i soooo wanna try out colored lenses but at the same time m a lil scared of putting something in my eyes….review is very helpful

    happiieeeeeeeee happieeeeee birthday 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3

  6. wow.. u are so beautiful that u can carry any lipcolor as well as eye color i must say.. 🙂 am so tempted to try eye lenses now.. 😛

  7. The colour is pretty neha!
    I have hazel coloured iris, so no need to wear lenses.. although its tiresome answering people who ask me if i am wearing many times.

  8. I feel baqush & lomb is not so gr8 for long wear..I wear lenses for nearly12-13 hours and B&L starts overshooting..i have never tried colored lenses so far..I m tempted to..will chck out for other brands..which is the most trusted brand for colored lenses..?

    1. moderation 🙁 🙁
      and how do u wear d colored ones..on top of the normal plain lenses..?i may sound silly..but i’m not sure..plz clarrify Neha..

  9. Hey that’s a class colour!!It changes your look to a great level!! looking nicee!!! I’ve numbered one in natural brown and it looks fab!!

  10. Fresh look contacts are better than B & L…have been using fresh look for so long 5-6 years…they r just amazing…no problem at all ever

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