Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Review

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack

Prior to getting this product, I didn’t really know what a sleeping pack was. Apparently, it’s a face mask, but instead of leaving it on the usual ten or fifteen minutes, you apply it before bed, leave it on the entire night while sleeping, and wash it off in the morning upon waking. Pretty convenient, if you ask me. Baviphat is a Korean brand or makeup and skincare products, and they have a number of sleeping packs available, each bringing different benefits to the skin.
Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack
The Baviphat Apple variant claims to ‘help prevent skin troubles and remove dead skin cells with natural fruit acids. This overnight sleeping pack softens, brightens, and hydrates skin’. Basically, it claims to help manage acne, exfoliate, brighten, and hydrate the skin, which sounds great.

I purchased Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack from the online seller of the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Blusher, which I’m going to review. I was browsing the seller’s list of Korean brands for other items I might get in addition to the blusher, and saw this 8ml sample—it was only 75 Pesos (approx Rs. 80) and it was in this adorable miniature apple jar. I love getting samples, especially for skin care items, to see how they work out on my skin.
Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Look


I like that this smells like apples. I’ve been using this weekly for the last three weeks, and the amount in the photo above is what’s left. The instructions were to use it as a substitute for a night cream, apply to face and neck, and rinse off in the morning, and that’s what I did.

Since I’d never used a sleeping pack before, I was expecting Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack to have a heavy consistency, typical of face masks and that I’d have to put a towel on my pillow, but it’s much lighter and has a somewhat watery consistency. It is slightly stickier compared to my moisturizer, but that’s only within the first five or ten minutes. After that it seems to sink into the skin and my face is dry to the touch, so it doesn’t spread around on my pillow or sheets.
After rinsing it off in the morning, my skin does feel pleasantly softer and seems to be more hydrated, though I don’t notice any brightening effect. But what I like most about this is that it does dry out pimples. Yup! The pimples aren’t immediately dried up upon waking up in the morning, but rather I notice them drying out later at night on that same day. I was so glad too that this didn’t cause any irritation to my usually sensitive skin.

So here’s another item to add to my skin care routine: sleeping packs! I would love to get a full size of this and also try out other variants. I don’t know much about Baviphat (the name sounds kinda funny to me ) aside from these sleeping packs. Besides the Apple one, there’s also Lemon, which is for whitening, Peach, for peeling, and other fruits still. Fortunately, I get to try the other two I mentioned as the seller generously included free sachets with my order.

I hope you liked my post and that you don’t get tired reading about Korean beauty items in cute packaging because I’m just gaga over these at the moment! 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Review

    1. I’m not sure Sonu, but I’d say probably not. Here in Manila Baviphat doesn’t have a physical store. I only ordered this online. 🙂

    1. Priyanka, Ebay! 😀 Online shopping is one of my addictions. :stars: Loads of cute, affordable stuff there not available at the malls. :))

    1. Neha it’s 8ml. :)) I photographed it very close up. 😀 It’s small, only about an inch and a half tall and wide. But the full size product is much bigger.

    1. Jyo the seller I ordered from is a local one so she does not, but do check, I’m nearly positive this is available there from sellers who ship worldwide. :))

  1. Nice review,Ida!
    The jar is so cute..! :cute:
    This is da first tym I’ve come across a sleeping pack,bt da idea seems nice.If possible plz review d other two variants as well.

    1. Tanu, thank you. :)) I really like the idea of sleeping packs. It won’t be as fun to photograph the other 2 variants since they’re just in sachets, but I might get the other ones in the mini jars like this one, will review them when I do. :))

  2. ida ,i wasnt familiar with the concept but i surely tend to use the proactive pack and few other herbal ones i have as over night ones.delight to read about it now.also i was just writing a perfume review and your name here is more of a synonym to perfumes for me:)he he!how are you?p.s supa cute packaging

    1. It was a delight to use a sleeping pack for the first time Fly Girl, I do like how convenient they are. But true, one can just leave on ordinary face masks/packs on overnight. I’m looking forward to reading your perfume review. :)) That’s totally sweet of you to say! :thanks: I’m doing well, how are you? :))

      1. supa che ida,day aftr an exam ;(i have just been studyng and reading a dan brown book and taking breaks here on imbb.and i hope Indian markets have some of these masks too as you said it eevn works on pimples;) :yahoo:

    1. Bee that’s what made me buy the product. :cute: And the fact that I’d never tried a sleeping pack. Yes, do check Amazon, forgot to mention that in addition to Ebay. :))

  3. You review such cute looking products Ida :))
    I remember that doll like perfume bottle! 😀 I still go to that review of yours sometimes to see it that cute doll perfume 😀 :toothygrin:
    I heard about sleeping pack, but never saw it in market..

    1. Gargi is that the Harajuku Lovers one? :)) That is terribly cute- I don’t use the perfume a lot, but I keep it because of the doll. :toothygrin: I think I only heard of sleeping packs when Etude House came here.

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