BBlunt Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair Review

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Today, I will be sharing a shampoo review with you guys.  I am being a little more flexible with my hair products, hence I bought this. My hair isn’t damaged because I don’t use much heat on my hair. However, my hair is very dry and limp and it felt like it needed some TLC. So, I bought this BBlunt shampoo. Let’s see how it fared for me.

BBlunt Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair

INR 100 for 50 ml.

Product Description:

BBlunt Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair

My Experience with BBlunt Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair:

I bought a mini travel-sized version of it to see how it would work for my hair. I thought I would just try a smaller version first and if I did like, I would opt for a bigger bottle.  This one comes in a chic white bottle with a dark navy blue-black sticker with white polka dots on it. The front has the name of the product and the back has all the details about the description and ingredients. I really like the cute little bottle. It has a type of opening that is similar to BBW’s shower gel. You press one end and the other end comes up. Then you press and tilt the bottle to release the product. I really like the convenient packaging of it, which is super cute and travel friendly.

BBlunt Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair

The shampoo is a pearly lavender color and it has a nice consistency which is neither too thick nor too thin. It smells nice, but I expected a luxurious scent, but that’s fine. It lathers pretty well and comes off easily. The first time I washed my hair with this shampoo, I felt this is a normal shampoo that works like all the other ones.  I also compared it to my Dove’s Intense Therapy Shampoo and thought that the latter one was much better. But after my hair had dried completely over a few hours, it felt so soft, bouncy and voluminous! It felt as if I had a salon treatment.

BBlunt Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair

Till that day, I felt that no other shampoo would make my hair as soft as the Dove one, but I was proven wrong and how! No other shampoo can beat how this shampoo works for me.

BBlunt Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair

I have almost used this shampoo up and I think I’m never going back to any other shampoo apart from Dove because it’s a cheaper alternative to this one and also because it smells better. But seriously, I absolutely love this shampoo to death!

It is quite expensive for just 50 ml, but it is so worth it! It brings life back to my hair. My hair feels super soft, it imparts a nice shine to my hair, controls my crazy frizzy hair up to 3 days. My hair looks voluminous and bouncy, there aren’t any tangles for 2 days, it’s like the best thing I’ve done to my hair!

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of BBlunt Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair:

  • Cute packaging.
  • Makes my hair look like it had an expensive salon treatment.
  • Controls frizzy hair up to 3 days.
  • Makes my hair look shiny, voluminous and bouncy.
  • Makes my hair super soft, nourished.
  • Detangles my hair.

Beautiful brown hair

Cons of BBlunt Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair:

  • Slightly expensive but so worth it!
  • Fragrance could have been better.

IMBB Rating:

Final Verdict:
Need I say more? Of course I’m going to repurchase this one!

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