Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon Review

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I am impressed with the lip gloss that I have from Be A Bombshell, which inspired to me to check this product out. Let’s see if it is just as good.

Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon Review2

Product Description:
Formula: A glossy lip crayon with a smooth texture.

Bombshell Application: Apply to top and bottom lips for full coverage. For sheer coverage, apply to lower lip only and blot lips together. For more color, apply several coats until you receive desired results.

Bombshell Tip: Start applying lip crayon in the middle of your mouth and blend outward, stopping just short of the edge to prevent bleeding and make lips appear fuller.


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Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon Review1

Now that I have tried 2 products from the brand, I can see a disturbing trend. Even though their products are amazing and pigmented, their packaging is a little sub-par and disappointing. This product comes in a twist-up crayon with a clear cap. The disappointing part is that the lip product tube inside the crayon is a bit wobbly. It is like there is nothing to hold the product tightly in place. But, the wobbly product does not affect the application. That being said, the twist-up crayon type, inspired by Clinique, is probably one of the easiest for application.

Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon Review3

The shade is a beautiful berry shade with a touch of fuchsia thrown in. A very unique shade in my collection.

My Thoughts on Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon:

Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon Review

The finish is certainly satin, but the shade catches the light beautifully; it looks slightly metallic. This is because there is fine micro-shimmer in the product, but this micro-shimmer does not stay behind after the colour has worn off. It feels wonderfully comfortable and lightweight on the lips. It is quite close to ‘nothing on the lips’ feeling. The pigmentation on the product is quite good as well, although I do prefer to lay down 2 layers to get full opacity.

Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon Review4

The longevity is quite good, but nothing extraordinary. It lasts about 4-5 hours; but because it transfers, it wears off as you eat or drink. When it wears off, it wears off completely (along with the shimmer), so you will have to reapply. I prefer this to partially-there colour, which doesn’t look flattering.

Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon Review5

The formula (even though it does not have great staying power) as such is well designed in my opinion. When a product has micro shimmer, especially in a lip product, it is easy to get the formula such that the shimmer stays behind after the colour has worn off or for the shimmer to bunch up or it to be separated from the colour in the product. The shimmer in this product does none of this and is well meshed with the colour. Having said all this, this product is very middle of the road for me; it is not stellar, but it is definitely unique in shade and formula.


Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon Review8

Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon Review6

Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon Review7

Pros of Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon:

• Satin finish, slightly metallic-looking (catches the light wonderfully)
• Disappears completely instead of partially after eating or drinking
• Very lightweight
• Comfortable on the lips
• Unique formula

Cons of Be A Bombshell Shameless Lip Crayon:

• Not-so-great staying power
• Transfers

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