Beach/ Pool Makeup and Skin Care Must

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A summer without a visit to a beach is incomplete! The happiest times spent in summers are by the water watching the beautiful sunsets. If you are planning to visit a beach in the coming days, here are a few things that will in no time make you perfectly ready for a relaxed beach walk to even a beach party.

beach and pool makeup

Beach Pool Makeup and Skin Care Must

Skin care:
Sunscreen should be a part of your skincare regime every single day, but make a point to use extra sunscreen especially when on a beach. Use nothing less that SPF 30 or 50 and keep reapplying after every 2 hours, if you are out in the sun for a long time. Sunscreen should not be applied only on your face but also on all body parts. Damage caused by the UV rays is the main contributor to skin problems. Prevention is better than cure, right? So keep that sunscreen in your priority list.


Who does not want to look perfect in pictures? Beautiful skin is just a step away. I would recommend using tinted moisturiser over foundation. Use a small amount of your oil free moisturiser and mix it along with either your favourite BB or CC cream. This will give you a very natural finish and not make you feel uncomfortable when out in the hot temperature.

make up


Using a coral or rosy blush can instantly add a lot of colour to your face and make it look beautiful. Prefer using stains or cream blushes over powder blushes as they have a higher staying power.

For lip colour, use either a lip stain, lip gloss or lip crayon matching to your natural lip colour. You can go for a soft pink or coral depending on what you wish. The entire idea is to keep your makeup minimal while enhancing your features. Also, use a lip balm with SPF in it to ensure that your lips are protected from the sun rays.

eye makeup

For eye makeup either use a waterproof mascara or a thin stroke of your liquid liner. Something you should always focus on, are your brows. Brows give a definition to your face. Just fill them in with light strokes and remember do not go overboard. You want the entire look to be natural looking.

Paint your nails using bright or neon colours. Do not be shy to revel your inner child and go crazy with beautiful coloured nails. You can either use different colours on nails or do some nail art. Bright nails are definitely a staple for a day out to a beach.

neon nails

For adding that extra something to your face you can use a illuminator. Other than that play around by using coloured liners on your waterline , they will instantly add a pop of colour to your look. Last but not the least, powder your t-zone with a compact powder and keep touching up.

Hair care:
One of the best things about visiting beaches is the beach hair. The salty water in the oceans add amazing volume, texture and definition to your hair. You can use sea salt sprays to keep your hair bouncy looking and also for volume.

Use a few drops of hair oil on the ends of your hair to keep them healthy and shiny. Opt for a non sticky hair oil or a hair serum. Also, make it a point to use conditioner after you return from the beach. The salty water can make your hair course and frizzy, so tame the frizz away with some conditioner.

beach hair

Another little thing I would add here is to make sure you carry some hair claw or bobby pins along with you to the beach. They can really be a live saver if it is getting too hot. Carry adequate amount of water in your beach bag and keep yourself hydrated. Some tissues, face wipes, lip balm, flip flops and a good book to read are definitely a must. At the end it is your day, it is your summer, make it a memorable one.

Hope you have a lovely day ahead!

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