9 Beautiful Haircuts for Broad Forehead

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Styling and cutting your hair when you have a big forehead can be a daunting task. A little bit of concealing with the right hair cut can do wonders for your broad forehead. In today’s post, let’s talk about all such haircuts.


1. Short Hair with Wavy Layers

If you have wavy hair, then go for this one. Just cut your hair short with short layers in the front so your waves fall in such a way that half your forehead is concealed and the length of your face is reduced. You can also use dry shampoo every now and then to get that voluminous and textured look for your tresses.

2. Full Head Straight Slang Cut

This haircut gives that voluminous look to your hair and enhances your features like cheek bones, eye brows, and definitely forehead. Full head slang is also referred as short or long bob. You can go for either one keeping in mind the length of your hair.

3. The Curly Bang

If you have curly hair, a broad forehead and want to go for bangs then do tell your hairstylist about it. this curlier bang is not a full on fringe so it helps to break up the shape of your forehead a little bit which makes it look smaller. With curlier hair, the hairdresser should cut a smaller section, because once dry, curly hair will expand.

4. Curtain Bangs

You can easily conceal your forehead with curtain-like fringes. Curtain bangs cover the sides of your forehead giving it an illusion of being shorter. They are low maintenance unlike full frontal bangs and are ideal for girls who are always short on time.

5. The Loose Bob

It is a modern take on your classic bob. It’s a little longer in the back, and even though you’re covering up the forehead, it’s really loose and fluid. Hairstylist starts with a traditional bob and then starts to frame your hair around your face. Cutting the layers in a more forward direction creates a looser look that will just flow right into these light bangs.

hairstyle 2

6. Full Steps with One-Sided Bangs

This haircut covers the entire scalp; however, the direction of hair is usually inward. As the steps are inclined towards the both sides, therefore, it depends on you that you want one-sided bangs or the double sided. This is a classic hairstyle which is fuss free and easy to style as well.

7. Straight Baby Cut approaching to Eyebrows

This haircut aims to maintain the current hair length, brings volume to the front hair and covers the forehead with small fringes. This haircut can be adjusted according to the length of hair. For instance, you can go for either the long hair baby cut or short haircut according to your face shape.

8. Non-Traditional Bob

The non-traditional bobs are basically the deep bangs which are formed with the help of razor not cutting scissor. This haircut for big foreheads is preferred by people because it is highly adjustable in nature. It doesn’t aim to cover the entire forehead, however, it provides volume to the bobs, makes them look soft on the skin and maintain the transparency of the big forehead.

9. Volumizing Cascading Layers

There’s nothing sexier than voluminous layers and cascading layers with a middle parting work very well to hide a big forehead. If your hair has ample of volume then this is the ideal cut for you.

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