Beautiful Traditional Wedding Beauty Looks from India

Today, this is going to be a fun random post about the beautiful and traditional wedding looks of brides from our own country, India. We all know India is one nation, but it is so diverse. We live in a country with full of different cultures and traditional values. Let us find out about the different looks of Indian brides.

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Bengali Bride:
The traditional Bengali sari is generally in white with red, maroon or pink border complimented with traditional Bengali jewellery. They also wear a traditional crown called makuta made of shola pith, much like a tiara. The bride also wears a silk dupatta called chunni over her head like a veil in Christian weddings. A traditional Bengali bride has a very intricate designs of white and red dots on her forehead just above the eyebrows, which extends to her cheeks and the chin.

bengali bride

Kashmiri Bride:
Kashmir pundit brides wear intricately embroidered lehengas, which is usually red in colour. The lehengas has detailing with Kashmiri embroidery. They also wear a head gear known as Kalpush. While Kashmiri Muslim brides wear beautifully embroidered traditional outfit known as Pheran, which is a loose fitting robe. They also wear a head gear called kasaba. It is decorated with gold embroidery and embellishments of silver pendants hanging on the forehead. They both wear heavy jewellery ranging from gold chains around their ear lobes to heavy silver payals on their feet.

kashmiri bride

Tamil Bride:
These brides wear Kanjeevaram silk sari draped in madisar style. Tamil brides are heavily bejewelled with flowers and pure gold ornaments. They wear stunning temple jewellery with precious stones. They also wear a waist belt called Oddiyanam and Nethi, which is traditional wedding jewellery for the hair, usually made of pearl and gold.

tamilian wedding

Maharashtrian Bride:
A traditional Maharashtrian bride usually wears a hand woven silk sari with gold detailing in green colour, which is considered auspicious. They wear jewellery, which is traditional, elegant and not too heavy. They have a strings of pearls tied horizontally across the forehead called mundavalya. She also wears glass bangles, a nath and chandrakor (crescent moon) bindi.


Gujarati Bride:
As Gujarat has a rich old tradition of tie and dye textiles, the bride’s wedding outfit has a huge influence of them. Traditionally, brides wear a sari in Gujarati style and are decked up in heavy jewellery with pieces like maang tika, nath, baajuband etc.

gujurati bride

Punjabi Bride:
Punjabi brides wear a Patiala style salwar kameez with very heavy intricately embroidered dupatta. They wear jewellery comprising of necklaces, heavy danglers, maang tika and bangles made of ivory called chooda. Kalires are tied to these bangles, which are hanging ornaments made of different metals and are a huge tradition in Punjabis.


Rajasthani Bride:
These brides wear ghagra choli along with a dupatta. A lot of Gota Patti work is used on the bridal wear. The bridal wear also has motifs of animals and birds. They wear Rakhri, a circular piece of jewellery for the forehead, Timaniyaan, which is a choker, Bichuye or toe ring and baajuband, which is a studded armlet.

rajasthani bride

Malayalee Bride:
They wear a sari called Set Mundu, which is a cream coloured sari with a thick woven gold border but nowadays brides also opt for Kancheepuram silk saris in variety of colours. The jewellery is the traditional temple jewellery in designs inspired by nature and temple statues. They also wear a waist band called Padaswarams, embellished with pearls and precious stones.


These were just some of the bridal looks as I could not cover them all for there are so many. I hope, I did justice to the description and if you find anything lacking, then please feel free to leave a comment below.

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Traditional Wedding Beauty Looks from India

  1. A nice compilation. Not all Tamil brides wear madisar, it is the Tamil Brahmin brides who wear madisar..whereas the other non brahmin brides wear Kaanjeevaram silk sarees.

  2. Each bride looks so gorgeous, but I am biased towards the way a punjabi bride gets all decked up, especially obsessed with her chooda and kalire. But, I love Malayalee brides a lot too. They look so simple and elegant, with those gold jewellery. Lovely post. 🙂

  3. Why did not upload assamese bride?
    They are also beautiful. They wear world famous paat n muga silk cloth Which is very rare n world famous.

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