10 Beauty And Hair Care Secrets From Granny

I am sure we all have that one granny in our life who has gorgeous skin and even in her 70s her skin is glowing and has got much more lustre than our’s in 20s. And of course, we are never tired of asking her what her favourite beauty and hair care secrets are.
So, here is a post dedicated to all such girls who want to steal something from their granny’s skin and hair care stash. Have a look at the below given secret skin and hair care tips:


1. Dry Brushing:

Have you seen those big brown brushes available in pharmaceutical stores and hanging in your grandma’s bathroom? Well, they are for dry brushing. Dry brushing is an easy peasy way to remove the blackheads and cellulite from your skin. This will keep your skin incredibly soft and fresh.

2. Moisturize Moisturize:

This I learnt from my grandma. Doesn’t matter what is the season. You always need to moisturize your skin. You can keep changing your moisturizer as per the season but a moisturizing cream is a must all throughout the year.

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3. Wearing Socks and Gloves:

In winters or at any other time when your skin is craving for moisture, use a good hand and foot cream. But along with that also wear socks and gloves. This will keep the moisturisation intact and will keep your hands and feet soft.

4. Never Drink From A Straw:

Do you know that drinking juice or cold drinks from a straw can cause creases around your mouth? And if you are the one who drinks regularly from straw then you will get wrinkles also very soon. Thus, time to avoid the same.

5. Keep your Head Clean:

It is very important to keep your head clean. Thus, try to use methi seeds whenever you suffer from dandruff. Also, cover your hair with a stole if you travelling to some dirty or extremely polluted places.

6. Eat Rightly:

This is the very important step for your skin and hair care. You should consume the correct food. Because whatever you eat will reflect on your skin. So, there is no point of using premium creams and other skin care products if you are not eating correctly.

7. Acne Control:

Make a paste of turmeric, water and lemon drops and apply it directly to the acne. Also, when you have acne don’t use any cream or other products just use rose water all over your face. This way your skin will be gradually free from breakouts and other issues.

8. Melt Eyeliners with Matches:

Sometimes your eyeliners especially gel eyeliners can be really dry. Thus, what you should do is that just melt your gel eyeliner with the heat of a matchstick or alternatively you can also heat them using a hairdryer. This way your eyeliner will be back to its previous new form and thus perfect to be used.

9. Don’t use a Hairbrush:

Doesn’t matter how thick or frizzy your hair is, hairbrushes are a strict no-no. You cannot use a hairbrush to detangle your hair. Use a wide toothed wooden comb. This is the best thing to solve your tangles and be blessed with great hair.

10. Don’t Over Curl your Lashes:

Avoid Over curling your lashes. You should only curl your lashes once a week. This will keep your lashes in the best shape and also prevent them from falling out regularly. Use castor oil or almond oil to strengthen them every night.

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