Ladies, I found a pot of Gold…

basic makeup tips….and I am going to share it with you all. 🙂 Today morning my friend send me a link to an free  issue of Beauty India Magazine to read. generally I don’t find Beauty Magazines too useful for two specific reasons. One, they are too much product endorsing and two, most of the times they have highly impractical advices.

But this magazine came as a beautiful surprise. It not only included the most practical and easy to do beauty and makeup tips, but also highly useful beauty matter. It is a nine post series and I following are the links of all nine posts. I have spent hours and hours editing it but honestly, I didn’t mind. The tips are such that I’d rather spend time learning them than ignoring them. Although I would suggest reading all the nine posts word by word but if you are in a hurry, you can do very well with the red highlighted portion as well.

Basic Makeup Tips Posts:

Body Care At Bedtime

Slather lotion: Since body tends to get dry post a shower or a bath, take a thick moisturising formula and apply generously all over your body taking special care for your back, belly, thighs, arms, shoulder. You can gently massage yourself with this to allow the skin to absorb the lotion. Soften hands and feet: At night hands and feet repair themselves the best. In the bath or under the shower use body scrub to rub away dead skin. Then before going into bed apply a good hand and foot cream. Massage in using gentle pressure. Take special care for your heels. You can also apply some cuticle cream over your toe and finger nails for pretty hands and feet in the morning.

Sleep science:
Dry hands and feet can make you look older than you are, and so will discoloured shoulder and back, so you can use an AHA based hand and body cream at night which exfoliates dead upper layer and helps in better skin regeneration.

Soothe nerves: Being relaxed and de-stressed is essential for a good night’s rest, so hop into that tub right now. Fill it up with room temperature water, and swirl in some skin smoothing bath milk, with a lavender fragrance. As you sink into the tub you will feel your days worries vanishing. Soak in for about 15 minutes. You can also add some bath salts and essential oils. It will pull out grime and leave you feeling refreshed. You can scrub your body with a bath towel. In case you don’t have a tub, just lather up with a relaxing shower gel, and wash away grime and stress under the shower. Dab some essential oils like lavender on your pulse points to relax. The better you are relaxed the better you will sleep.

Fresh face: Even if you need hundred horses to drag you to the bathroom, you must wipe away days grime and makeup from your face before slipping into nothingness. Since summertime brings on its share of sweat and gunk, so first use a makeup removing cleanser, or a makeupremoving wipe to take away traces of mascara and kajaal, and lip colour. Then use a soap free foaming face wash to clear away traces of oil, and sweat.

Moisture Matters: As you’re snoozing soundly your skin is losing moisture, but it also can add on to the hydration level with some support. So reverse the trend with a nighttime moisturizer.
Pick a thicker version than your day lotion, and make sure it vitamin enriched. It will hydrate your skin and plump up the cells on the uppermost layer  of the skin, you’ll wake up with a
fresher complexion.

Tackle Special Skin: Needs Support your skin’s natural repair work with overnight creams and serums that target fine lines, wrinkles, or uneven pigmentation. Nighttime is also ideal for
treating specific conditions, such as breakouts, or dark cricles. Dab an overnight acne buster or a depigmenting cream as your skin will be free of makeup, so can better help itself. And don’t forget your eyes; this delicate area especially benefits from a moisture boost.

Sleep science: Since your skin is free of makeup and environmental influences at night, so it is less stressed and better equipped to deal with its worries – like most of us. Try to apply
your creams and lotion at least 20 minutes before you go to bed
so that your skin can absorb the ingredients and get to work as soon as you shut your eyes.


6 thoughts on “Ladies, I found a pot of Gold…

  1. hi, it’s reassuring to see ur blog here. i’m 24 yrs and unmarried. but im so dying to get married just to experiment with all the things i want! haha… not so much freedom at my home. anyway, i wish that u continue this wonderful blog bcz this is the only one i’ve found relevant to products etc in india. and i hope that one day i’ll contribute to ur blog!!!

    love n’ peace! 🙂

  2. Hi JD,

    Welcome to my blog. I also discovered this whole makeup and beauty after my marriage early this year. There are just so few Indian bloggers around so we have this close knit community here. 🙂 I have recently started this blog and I am experimenting and learning new things every day. Thankfully my husband is supportive with all my crazy beauty!

    I would love to have your contribution. Just let me know whenever you have something to share and I’ll get in touch with your through mail. We would love to hear your views on whatever you want to share with us. 🙂


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