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Yes, Lip Whips are Liquid Lipsticks! Yes, it is another liquid lipstick review! But alas, it’s a new brand and a much-hyped one at that! Aren’t you excited to find out whether these are as good as everyone says they are! I am! Let us get started!


Product Details:
My chéri d’amour, living life with a lipstick that smudges isn’t living at all! Every Mon Cheri needs a classic red lip, so commit to a whip that stays put. Mon Cheri Lip Whip goes on liquid and dries matte. With full coverage in just one application, the pigmented classic red is the perfect fit.
US $20 for 5 ml. Pricing…I feel that’s a lot of money – considering it is an Indie brand. Not that an Indie brand should charge for their product if it’s good. It’s just that, at the $20 price point, there are a lot of players – and most with good credentials. So…



This is a bit weird. I ordered 2 shades from them, at the same time. Both came in different cardboard packaging and even the tubes inside have slightly different detailing. Had I not bought these from them, I would have wondered if one (or both) were fake! The product itself comes in the typical lip gloss kind of packaging. The shade name is written at the bottom but since the tube is transparent, it’s fairly easy to make out what colour it is. The applicator is doe foot. The detailing on the cardboard box is all about baking. The whole concept of the brand is around baking. Check the pics for the cutesier detailing.



My Experience with Beauty Bakerie Mon Cheri Lip Whip:

I first came to know of this brand through Instagram. There were these mini videos doing rounds all over the place where in the person would apply swatches on her arm and then dip her arm in water and swipe across the swatches and the colour would not budge! Cool, na! or so I thought! Anybody who has read any of my lipstick reviews would know that I like long-lasting lip colour. So, I was obviously intrigued and ready to experiment and since I was still in my liquid lipstick phase, I said, why not! So, I picked up two shades from this range and will review these for you.


Color:  The first shade that I will review today is “Mon Cherie,” which is described as a “classic red’ – it is a stunning bright, bold, blue-toned red with hints of pink. If you are looking at a long-lasting shade, what better colour to try than red, right? The shade is absolutely gorgeous and would brighten up the face instantly and should work across skin tones.

Applicator: I generally don’t discuss the applicator separately unless there is something distinct about it – like the slight give with the Stila ones which make it difficult to get clean lines on application. This applicator, though looks like a standard doe-foot applicator does not work in as “standard” a manner as other applicators do. Somehow, it does pick up sufficient product for a full application. Don’t know if this is an actual concern with the applicator itself or it has something to do with the texture of the Beauty Bakerie lipsticks. Normally, when you apply a liquid lipstick – one dip is generally sufficient for the whole lips, at least on my whole lips. Very rarely do I need to go back for a double dip. However, in the case of the Beauty Bakerie lip whips, one dip can just about cover 1/4th of your lips. So, you might still be trying to apply, the texture and the shade will thin out and not spread. You have to keep going in to pick up more product. It was irritating the first couple of times – just because I wasn’t used to it, but now I can live with that. But, just to let you know.


Fragrance: I actually have to add a “fragrance” column to my reviews because suddenly all lipsticks have fragrance in them! Considering, the whole Beauty Bakerie tag, one would expect the lipstick to have a cookie batter or cake dough smell… No? Just Me? Ok! It doesn’t. There is distinct fragrance but not of cookie batter and it isn’t too loud or bothersome. I had to go in and take a whiff.


Texture:  This lip whip has a gel-like texture. The creaminess starts converting to gel as one applies. This makes it difficult for you to spread the product around the lips. Overall, it takes a while to fully dry down – almost a couple of minutes. The Company states “Allow 5 minutes for the product to dry for each coat applied.” Once dry, the texture moves from gel like to this more brittle/dry formula. So much so that it starts cracking and separating from the inner lips and inner corners of the lips. More on that under “longevity.”

In terms of comfort of wear, the lipstick is one of THE MOST drying formulas that I have come across. It really sucks the moisture out of your lips and give the parched feel. Your lips get punish and dry. No, this would be the bottom of the “comfortable liquid lipsticks” list – right along with Kylie lip kits.

The good thing is that the texture has even-ness. The pigment does not separate or start settling into the fine lines.

Pigmentation:  Pigmentation is quite good. The shade itself is bright, so it covers all your natural lip pigmentation well. The pigment does not sink into the fine lines or get patchy. It applies evenly. However, as you continue applying and you try to spread the product across your lips, you do feel that the shade starts thinning out. So, if you started with your upper lip and continued applying to your lower lip without double dipping, the shade on the lower lip will look more sheer and pink than the actual red colour.

Longevity:  Here is the true test of the lipstick – not just from my perspective but from the Company claim of “long-lasting, smudge proof, and water-proof.”

As I have mentioned while discussing the “texture,” – the formula dries down to a very dry finish. so much so that it starts cracking and coming off the inner corners as it dries. Also, even without any eating/drinking, it starts disappearing from the inner portion of your lip. It is extremely strange. It is quite weird. So, in an hour or 2, only half your lower lip – the outer half – has the lipstick on. The inner half is distinctly devoid of colour because it doesn’t leave a stain either. The upper lip has the colour almost intact. As time goes by, you will be left with about 1/3rd of your outer lower lip with the lipstick still on. When the colour is as bright as this red – trust me, it’s not a pretty sight. So, are the long-lasting claims false? Wait for more… When you try to remove the remaining lipstick – it will not budge, it will not come off. You can try cleansing oil, micellar water, etc, etc. Finally, I went in with MAC Eye Makeup Remover to get this thing off! By this time, my lips were not too happy with all the beating they got, so I guess this is long lasting!

Last thing, yes, it does not transfer, at least, what’s left of it on your lip – that does not transfer.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Beauty Bakerie Mon Cheri Lip Whip:

  • A stunning vibrant red.
  • Lightweight texture.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • It applies smoothly and evenly though you need to keep going back for more product on the applicator.
  • No feathering or bleeding.
  • Decent packaging.
  • Easy to identify colour from the tube itself.
  • Transfer proof! 😉
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Vegan.

Cons of Beauty Bakerie Mon Cheri Lip Whip:

  • Extremely drying.
  • Definitely not “Long lasting” through the whole application.
  • Whatever stays put – stays there, but most of it will just disappear.

IMBB Rating:

I used it a handful of times before I was comfortable penning this review because I really wanted to like these. My experience was so much in variance to the whole hype around them that I went back and tested it again and again – only to get the same results. The whole “arm swatches through the water” gimmick helps with the sale – I’m sure, but the product does not live up to the hype. I would not repurchase and will definitely not recommend.

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