Beauty Bakerie Versailles Lip Whip Review

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Yes, another liquid lipstick review!! I did warn you that I picked up two shades (Mon Cherie and Versailles) from Beauty Bakerie, didn’t I? Come on! Don’t crib…read on! 😉


Product Details:
My chéri d’amour, living life with a lipstick that smudges isn’t living at all! Every Mon Cheri needs a classic red lip, so commit to a whip that stays put. Mon Cheri Lip Whip goes on liquid and dries matte. With full coverage in just one application, the pigmented classic red is the perfect fit.
We’re not bakers, we just cake a lot! Exfoliate your lips with our Sugar Lip Scrub. Use the doe foot for a seamless application. Allow 5 minutes for the product to dry for each coat applied. Benefits: Long-lasting, smudge proof, and water-proof.


US $20 for 5 ml. There really are a lot of brands with pricing around this point; however, most of them are more established brands.
I mentioned this while reviewing Mon Cherie – I ordered two shades from them, at the same time. Both came in different cardboard packaging and even the tubes inside have slightly different detailing. Had I not bought these from them, I would have wondered if one (or both) were fake!


The product itself comes in the typical lip gloss kind of packaging. The shade name is written at the bottom but since the tube is transparent, it’s fairly easy to make out what colour it is. The applicator is doe foot. The detailing on the cardboard box is all about baking. The whole concept of the brand is around Baking. Check the pics for the cutesie detailing.


My Experience with Beauty Bakerie Versailles Lip Whip:

Beauty Bakerie shot to fame once these mini videos started doing rounds on Instagram with gals applying lipstick swatches on their arms and then dipping their arm in water and swiping across the swatches – the colour would not budge, would not smudge! Quite eye catching!! And one is intrigued. Even though the price seemed high – for what seemed more like an Instagram brand, I bit the bullet and picked up a couple of shades. Why did I pick a couple? I don’t know? I don’t know why I have this urge to always pick up two things together. Why can’t I just pick one and try? What is this compulsive urge to always buy in pairs?? Anybody else has this issue? Or just me?


Color: The first shade I chose was “Mon Cherie,” I reviewed earlier. The second shade took some time to decide. Finally, I decided on Versailles because it looked like a nice medium mauve. I thought it might work well for cool-toned looks. The shade is described as “Berry-siena hue” – I’m not even sure what that means! The shade is actually a dirty mauve which is pretty much the exact shade of my lips, at least the non-pigmented part of my lips! When you are applying, it looks a tad bit milky but settles down to a solid mauve n*de.

Honestly, I was initially kind of disappointed with the shade because one – it was too close to my own lip shade and two, it looked nothing like the pictures I had seen online. Over time, I have come to accept it for what it is. All the pictures online are on Caucasian skin, so it definitely won’t look the same on my Asian skin! We always have to be cognizant of this fact when we browse for swatches online. Also, since the colour matches my lips so much, it helps me with a cool toned n*de look because it works like a foundation for my lips, gives me even-toned colour!

Anyways! Will the shade work across skin tones? I have my doubts. While it will look stunning on Caucasian skin, I really have to work on a bold eye to balance this one. And on further deeper skin, I cannot say that it will look flattering.

Applicator: The applicator, though looks like a standard doe-foot applicator – does not work in as “standard” a manner. It does not pick up sufficient product for a full application. Normally, when you apply a liquid lipstick – one dip is generally sufficient for the whole lip, at least my whole lips, maybe because my lips aren’t too pouty. Very rarely do I need to go back for a double dip. However, in the case of the Beauty Bakerie lip whips, one dip can just about cover 1/4th of your lips. So, you will need to go back again and again and again.


Fragrance: As I have mentioned in my previous review, I kind of expected the lips whips to taste like cookie batter or cake dough. They don’t! There is a fragrance, I can’t pin point it exactly because it’s fairly mild and unobtrusive.

Texture: I was hoping that the texture of this one would be different from Mon Cherie; however, it isn’t. The lip whips have a liquidy texture, which starts converting to gel as one applies. This makes it difficult for you to spread the product around the lips. Overall, it takes a while to fully dry down – almost a couple of minutes. The Company states “Allow 5 minutes for the product to dry for each coat applied.” Once dry, the texture moves from gel-like to this dry formula. It starts getting tighter, dry, and parched. The lipstick is one of the most drying formulas that i have come across – right alongside Kylie Lip Kits.

The good thing is that the texture has an “even-ness.” The pigment does not separate or start settling into the fine lines.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is good. The shade itself may not be too bright, but it hides my lip pigmentation well. The pigment does not sink into the fine lines or get patchy. It applies evenly.

Longevity:  This part is as much of a bummer as Mon Cherie. Though the brand claims that it is long lasting, smudge proof, and water-proof. It isn’t quite there. The formula dries down to a very dry finish so much so that it starts cracking and coming off the inner corners as it dries. Also, even without any eating/drinking, it starts disappearing from the inner portion of your lip. The only difference between Mon Cherie and Versailles is that in case of Mon Cherie – the wear is extremely apparent because the shade is so bright. However, in case of Versailles, since the shade is so close to my natural lip shade, it’s a tad bit difficult to see the wear. However, for the sake of the review and for testing, I had to glance at it narrowly and in terms of performance, it worked exactly like Mon Cherie. Needless to say, I was less than impressed. In an hour or two, only half your lower lip, the outer half, has the lipstick on. The inner half is distinctly devoid of colour because it doesn’t leave a stain either. The upper lip has the colour almost intact. As time goes by, you will be left with about 1/3rd of your outer lower lip with the lipstick still on. This aspect doesn’t look too bad on me because the outer portion of my lips is where I have pigmentation, there the lipstick is still intact. The inner portion which is naturally pinky-mauve, it blends well with the lipstick shade! So, the overall effect isn’t too bad – from a distance.

Again, I don’t know whether to categorize this as a long-lasting lipstick or not because it disappears from half your lips. However, the other half, it gets stuck there like Fevikwik! When you try to remove the remaining lipstick – it will not budge, it will not come off. You can try cleansing oil, micellar water, olive oil, etc, etc. Finally, I went in with the MAC eye makeup remover to get this thing off! Apparently, Beuaty Bakerie does sell a special remover for these lipsticks.


Last thing, yes, it does not transfer, at least, what’s left of it on your lip – that does not transfer. 😉

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Beauty Bakerie Versailles Lip Whip:

  • An interesting mauve n*de shade.
  • Lightweight texture.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • It applies smoothly and evenly, though you need to keep going back for more product on the applicator.
  • No feathering or bleeding.
  • Decent packaging.
  • Easy to identify colour from the tube itself.
  • Transfer proof! 😉
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Vegan.

Cons of Beauty Bakerie Versailles Lip Whip:

  • Extremely drying.
  • Definitely not “Long lasting” through the whole application. Whatever stays put – stays there, but most of it will just disappear.
  • The shade may not work across all skin tones.

IMBB Rating:

There are lots of people, who rave about the lip whips, maybe it performed better for them because it reacted differently with their skin or they have a different requirement from their product. I will not go on a rant here, but again, I will not repurchase, i will not recommend. This chapter is closed for me!

The OOTD I have shared with you is from a while back. I had tried re-creating a look done by Rati and failed miserably, I got the whole eye shades wrong! So, I did the look again and shared the pics on my Insta. Nevertheless, I quite enjoyed these bright shades on my eyes!

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