Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil

Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil

Almond is a wonder nut.  The oil derived from almonds has numerous beauty and health benefits.  We would just concentrate on beauty benefits of almond oil in this post today.  Almond oil is derived from the kernels of almond. This oil is a very natural and effective way to improve the health of your hair and skin.  The best feature about almond oil is that it not only can be applied topically, it is completely safe to be ingested and gives body the benefit of vitamin A, B, D, and E.  You must have noticed how a majority of cosmetics, body lotions, and creams contain the goodness of almond oil.  This is because almond oil gets quickly absorbs into the skin and helps in healing and hydrating skin. Almond oil has emollient properties which softens skin. Massaging it regularly into the skin will even out skin tone and improve complexion.


Most of the branded almond oils available in the market are preservative free and 100% natural, so you can be sure that it wouldn’t have any side effects.

Almond oil is best for skin and hair because it is extremely lightweight and gets quickly absorbed into the skin. Because of almond oil’s skin balancing properties, it helps skin cells to absorb moisture.  It might not be that great for oily skin, but for other skin types, it works!

As a Moisturizer:

Almond oil can be used as a face and body moisturizer and the effects are instant.  If you leave it overnight, you would wake up with soft and supple skin.  It clears out dry patches on the skin. You can use a few drops of almond oil with your regular body moisturizer for smooth skin.

For Healthy Hair:

Healthy black hair

It works wonderfully in treating dry hair making them strong, shiny, and soft.  Warm up a little almond oil and use it for hot oil hair massage, you would be amazed to see its effects on your tresses.  You can also add in coconut or olive oil for added benefits. Regular massage with almond oil helps in clearing up dandruff.

As an Eye Makeup Remover:

Almond oil is a good eye makeup remover and removes even waterproof eye makeup. The best thing is since its all natural, it would not hurt or irritate eyes.

For Healthy Eyelashes:

When you use it overnight on sparse eyelashes, in a few days, you would get long, healthy lashes.

For Thick Eyebrows:

Since almond oil aids hair growth, applying it over eyebrows, will give you thick brow hair.

To Treat Under Eye Circles:

Pure almond oil will help you get rid of dark under eye circles.  Using it regularly over a period of time, will help them fade away.  An effective product that makes use of the benefits of almonds is Aroma Magic Almond Under Eye Cream which is a very effective cream to get rid of dark circles.

In Homemade Scrubs:

Almond oil can be used as a base for homemade scrubs.  Her’s a simple one.  Take one tablespoon of almond oil and to it add 2 tablespoons of sugar granules.  You can increase the quantity of the oil and sugar granules if you intend to use it as a body scrub, keep the ratio 1:2 (one part oil and 2 parts sugar).  You can just add in a drop of your favourite essential oil for a relaxing experience.  Take the mixture in your hand (be quick or the sugar will melt completely into the oil) and apply it in a circular motion to your face or body.  After the scrubbing process, you will immediately note smooth and soft skin.  You can skip the moisturizer completely after using this scrub. Those who have extremely dry skin, can add one tablespoon of coconut oil too.

Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil 4

To Treat Skin Inflammation and Rashes:

It helps in abating itching and swelling and may be helpful in the treatment of eczema, however, if you are allergic to almond oil, you should totally avoid using it on your skin or ingesting it.

To Fade Away Surgical Scars:

Almond oil helps in fading away surgical scars to a great extent with regular use.

To Treat Cracked Heels and Cuticles:

Soft Hands

Since almond oil has emollient properties, it softens cuticles and rough skin of the feet.

For Soft Hands:

Use a few drops of almond oil with your regular hand cream before hitting the bed for soft hands.

Lip Moisturizer:

For soft lips, mix a few drops of honey in a bit of almond oil and then massage your lips with the mixture before bedtime and wake up to supple and smooth lips.

Body Massage Oil:

Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil 2

Since almond oil keeps body warm, it can be used in winters as body massage oil. As a body massage oil, it not only does it make the skin soft and smooth, it also keeps the body warm.

Almond oil therefore is a miracle oil, full of antioxidants, nutrients, and essential fatty acids that helps in keeping skin and hair healthy. Do include it in your beauty regime.

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  3. could you recommend a good brand of almond oil? I have an almond hair oil. can I use that for my eyes and all the other uses you mentioned? I did try the Aroma magic eye cream for my dark circles but unfortunately didn’t work well on mine. *waaa* Maybe mine are so terrible that I need some serious help like some procedure at VLCC or Kaya. *headbang* *headbang* is the Shahnaz Husain any good?

  4. nice post jomol!
    @Aru: The Forest Essentials Almond oil is a good pick, though expensive and comes with a short life span (6months after opening) compared to other brands, it does a very good job moisturizing my combination skin and also to cover mild dark circles!

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