Beauty Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Beauty Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Like the name suggests, evening primrose oil is the oil extracted from the seeds to the evening primrose plant. This plant is found in North America, Europe as well as some parts of the southern hemisphere.The seeds, roots and plant are used for cooking too owing to its omega-6 fatty acids benefits to the body. Apart from benefits to the heart, alcoholism and Alzheimer’s disease, this evening primrose oil has many benefits for the hair and skin as well.
Beauty Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Anti-aging benefits:

Primrose oil helps to maintain skin’s elasticity, collagen keeping it moisturized and healthy. This aids in keeping premature aging due to sun exposure and unhealthy lifestyle, at bay.


Primrose oil helps nourish dry skin and remove irritation and dryness, thereby curing eczema.


This oil being rich in omega fatty acids helps to reduce skin redness and inflammations and soothes irritation due to blemishes.
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Hair nourisher:

The fatty acids in primrose oil work on the dry hair ends and shafts making it softer and less dry.Massaging primrose oil in the scalp helps to add shine by enhancing blood circulation.Studies show that adding primrose oil as a supplement in diet also helps hair against brittleness and dryness.


This oil works to target bacteria that cause acne and also moisturize skin which removes dryness, which is also a reason of clogged pores forming acne  later.


You know how oil cleansing methods work?See how oil dissolves impurities instead of clogging them? Primrose oil works to remove dead skin cells and dissolves skin impurities from the pores, hence avoiding them from clogging and acne formation.
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Dry skin caused due to skin troubles like eczema and other patchy skin has dead skin cells accumulated, making skin look leathery. Primrose oil works to soften skin and generate new skin cells thereby refreshing skin.

Skin repair:

Dead skin cells makes skin look dull and lifeless.Primrose oil helps in cell renewal and promotes cell growth repairing old cells with new ones.

Dark circles:

Primrose oil works to gradually fade dark circles and lighten hyperpigmenation as well.

Primrose oil can be taken as supplements in the form of capsules.Evening primrose oil is also used in soaps and cosmetics. You can also find this oil in pharmacies for topical application.

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  1. Grt info Neha…. I wanna add a little bit extra info… In medical science… We use evening primrose oil as a source of vit e available as primosa… Usually used in ladies with breast pain, when all other causes have been ruled out( fibroadenosis)… Ur posts are a grt help to all women out there

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