12 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

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How are you all doing? I miss writing on IMBB. To be honest, I was missing a lot of things in my life for the past 3-4 months. The long hours at the lab were too much to deal with, so I tried to heal myself doing nothing. However, I recently scolded myself for being unproductive for these many months, so I decided to make a comeback. I think most of you know about the How to Lose Weight in 4 Weeks – Diet Chart for Weight Loss article on IMBB. It is an effective diet chart for Indian women who are desiring to lose weight. I have incorporated parts of this diet in my weight loss routine. And, I am drinking two glasses of fenugreek seeds infused water in the morning for the past few days, which has actually reduced my stomach bloating to some extent. Hence, I explored more about this wonderful spice and realised it has multiple health and beauty benefits. Want to know them all? Read on to know them.


Fenugreek seed

Health Benefits:

12 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds2

Improved digestion: Fenugreek seeds are rich in antioxidants and fibre. They aid the digestion process and also relieve constipation. A regular intake of fenugreek seeds infused water in the morning is an amazing way to clean your bowel.

Toxins get flushed out: This antioxidant-rich spice helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. So, your internal systems start working better and they provide you with a glowing skin and shiny hair.

A remedy for acidity and prevention for colon cancer: The fibre and mucilage content in the fenugreek seeds help in preventing cancer too. Mucilage is the gelatinous substance present in the fenugreek seeds which gets activated after they are soaked. It forms a protective layer over the intestinal and stomach lining and soothes the irritated tissues. Also, it cures the acid reflux and prevents the chances of colon cancer.

Reduced risk of heart diseases: The methi seeds are a rich source of saponin which reduces the absorption of triglycerides and the low-density cholesterol. Therefore, the cholesterol level in the body remains balanced and the risk of heart disease goes down.

12 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds4

Controlled blood sugar levels: The chemicals present in fenugreek seeds act in a couple of ways to fight the blood sugar problems. The fibre component, which is known as Galactomannan, reduces sugar absorption in the blood. The essential amino acid, isoleucine, promotes the insulin secretion too.

Added benefits: Fenugreek seeds have a few specific health benefits for women. The high fibre content in them helps to suppress appetite and thus, allows you to stick to your diet. They also relieve menstrual cramps and ease menopausal symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and mood fluctuations. The high iron content makes them an amazing iron supplement and all women who suffer from iron deficiency issues can give them a try. Fenugreek seeds also balance out the hormone levels in the body thereby, helping to ease pregnancy and lactation-induction.

Beauty Benefits for Skin:

A remedy for skin irritations: The fenugreek seeds are a rich source of antioxidants and anti-bacterial compounds. Applying methi seed paste on skin irritations soothes the area and reduces redness. It can also be used to treat skin problems like burns or eczema.

A cure for acne and acne scars: The leaves of the fenugreek seed plant are equally beneficial as the seeds. The methi-leaf paste when applied onto pimples, reduces the size and prevents recurrence. The soaked methi seed water, when used as a toner, reduces the ugly acne spots that are too stubborn to fade out.

12 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds1

Blemish-free skin: It targets multiple skin problems like blemishes and dull skin. The regular use of methi seed face pack or methi seed soaked water along with your face-pack or toner gives you a shiny, even, blemish-free skin within a month.

Beauty Benefits for Hair:

12 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

Reduced hair fall: The protein content along with the lecithin present in the methi seeds boost your hair growth to a great extent. Massaging methi seeds along with any hair oil reduces hair fall too.

A remedy for dry scalp: It a great remedy for treating dermatitis and dry scalp problems. It nourishes the hair follicles and scalp, maintains the oil balance and makes your hair look healthy. It also treats rough hair and split ends.

A cure for dandruff: Using methi seed paste as a hair pack is a great way for treating dandruff problems. If you have a severe dandruff problem, try using the methi seed hair packs along with a good anti-dandruff shampoo. You will definitely get a positive result.

So, I hope you are pretty happy to discover the magical power of yet another kitchen ingredient. Add it to your beauty and health care routine from today and enjoy the maximum benefits.

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