Beauty Benefits of Seaweed Facial

Beauty Benefits of Seaweed Facial

When you want to treat your skin with a facial, which is not only enriching but is also packed with purifying properties, perhaps a seaweed facial is just the right thing for you! A dull skin is going to benefit a lot from seaweed facial. Do you know why? It is because seaweed, which is the most important ingredient used in this type of facial, contains the goodness of various kinds of minerals found in the depths of an ocean! Want to know more about seaweed facial? Read on to know all about seaweed facial.

Benefits of Seaweed on Skin:

This “sea plant” is known to work wonders for your skin. That is the secret behind the use of this wonder-plant in a range of spa products and skincare products. Wondering what are the benefits of seaweed for your skin? Here are some of them:

  • Seaweed protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollutants, which makes your skin prone to environmental damage.
  • Seaweed is rich with antioxidants that protect your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Ascorbic acid and selenium in seaweeds have anti-aging properties.
  • Seaweed contains organic iodine that helps in increasing skin metabolism.
  • Fatty acids contained in seaweed help to put up with skin inflammation and irritation.
  • Seaweed has natural cleansing and hydrating properties.

Seaweed facial

Seaweed facial is associated with hundreds of benefits. However, your skin makes the most of it if it is dehydrated and stressed out. The top benefits of this facial are as follows:

  • Seaweed, which constitutes the chief element of seaweed facial, is filled with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These constituents are favorable for your skin.
  • This facial has healing properties. It detoxifies the skin and nourishes it from within.
  • The best part is that a seaweed facial is suitable for all skin types.


Seaweed Facial Treatments:

  • Seaweed mask treatment: This facial treatment does not involve the hassle of complete seaweed facial. This quick pampering treatment offers a softening and hydrating effect on your skin. Your skin feels rejuvenated and revived.
  • European seaweed facial: Although the name remains the same, the treatment meted out to you under the name of a “European facial” tends to vary from one salon to the other. However, one of the most common types of European facial involves skin cleansing, steam therapy and then a gentle exfoliation of skin. After that, a seaweed serum, rich in Vitamins, is massaged on your face. This facial session takes around 60 to 70 minutes.
  • A seaweed facial in four layers: Fresh layers of European seaweed are heaped upon your face to tone your skin, rejuvenate it, hydrate it and make your skin firm. This four layer treatment involves a thorough cleansing of the face, a gentle massage, application of a soothing seaweed facial mask, followed by a facial treatment with thermal mask enriched with minerals.


Seaweed Face Treatment at Home:

While a salon or beauty spa would provide the best services while you want seaweed facial to be done, perhaps, the pocket pinch is also going to be quite a bit! You may therefore choose to invest some time and energy in getting seaweed facial treatment at home. Some of the reputed brands have seaweed extracts in cleansers, massage creams, face packs and serums. Invest in them, if you cannot find a seaweed facial kit of your choice and pamper your skin.

You may also choose to invest in seaweed powder (you may ask your local health food store or buy it online). Mix a spoon of seaweed powder with some distilled water. Add fresh aloe vera gel to this paste and apply on your face. This face pack is known to benefit your skin immensely!

P.S. This is a research article. I have not tried seaweed facial, neither at home nor at a salon. I got the face pack idea while researching. You are welcome to share your own views and ideas.

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