Beauty Benefits of Snail Slime

Beauty Benefits of Snail Slime

“Snail slime is a kind of mucus, an external bodily secretion which is produced by snails, gastropod mollusks. Land snails and slugs produce mucus, but so does every other kind of gastropod, from marine, freshwater and terrestrial habitats. The reproductive system of gastropods also produces mucus internally from special glands.”-Wikipedia.


Having described it, would you apply snail slime on your face in the name of beauty and anti-aging? Well during the rainy season now, lots of places in India would have a ton of snails inching around.Next time you see them, think twice about the beauty benefits of snail slime!

Back in Ancient Greece, snail mucin was used as an ingredient to reduce inflammation. Hippocrates reportedly prescribed a mixture of sour milk and crushed snails for skin inflammations.  Snail creams have been very popular in Korea, where “Missha”  introduced a snail cream, snail serum and other skin care stuff. Later on Dr. Jart introduced more skin creams with snail mucin in the United States.
So why exactly snail mucin might work for our skin? Mucin extract is a complex blend of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin. This slick snail secretion protects its skin from cuts, sunrays and bacteria. This natural protective secretion works as a source of protein to regenerate skin cells and remove dead skin cells.  This slime which also is found to have salicylic acid, is now being used to hydrate skin and repair tissue damage like acne scarring and works on acne and even burns. This helps skin regain its moisture lost with age.

Do you find it convincing enough to still put that slick that the snail leaves behind, on your face? Makes me wonder who would have thought of application of snail slime on the face in the first place.. some skin specialists are still on the fence about the actual goodness of this slime used on the face directly. There have been no scientific studies to prove the claimed benefits of hydration and replenishment with snail slime.
Lately, this snail slime application directly and in products ( as much as 92% ) has become popular (something like fish pedicure, reminds me of that.) in skin care. Skin care brands not only in Korea but worldwide are now claiming their ingredients to contain snail mucin, and claims even be as bizarre as snail mucin from red-ginseng fed snails can be seen.

On a positive note, this snail slime is 100% natural and could easily replace your chemical-loaded skin creams .But who knows the next big thing might be bird-droppings facial, who knows…if celebs might endorse it. What are your thoughts on using snail mucin for skin beautification and treatments?

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5 thoughts on “Beauty Benefits of Snail Slime

  1. I have heard and read about this…. Its supposed to be very good… But still… The thought of snails or their droppings on my face gives me the creepies

  2. OMGGGG!!! i hate all these bizzare beauty ideas!! *ghost* *ghost* fab article neha. never heard of this. dont have the heart to try this. 😛

  3. Having a snail on your face isn’t bad at all, and it really does help a lot. A lot of my scars have faded completely by putting snails on my skin. It feels kinda good too.

  4. SURPRISE! I’ve been using snail cream for about 2 weeks and this stuff is GREAT. My face is soft, moisturized and smooth. Pores are shrinking too. Getting even skin tone. And best of all my wrinkles are fading. With this progress I will continue to use the wonderful snail cream. Go ahead and try it yourself.
    P.S. The cream is like any moisturizer…the gel very light and both absorbs quickly and smells good,fresh……

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