Beauty Benefits and Uses of Castor Oil

Beauty Benefits and Uses of Castor Oil

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I am sure we all know what castor oil is, but somehow we tend to miss including it in our skincare/haircare regime. Whenever anything related to hair problem comes up, castor oil is one solution everybody offers. Castor Oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean. Castor oil is thick in consistency and may feel a bit heavy initially on application but it gets absorbed very quickly. Do you know in US castor oil is being sold at higher rates than your normal soybean or canola oil! Castor oil is a nutrient-rich liquid and is a tried and tested solution for many skin and hair related problems. Let us see what all benefits castor oil has and how we can use it in our daily routine:

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• Castor oil is famous as a source of ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid. The ricinoleic acid gives anti-bacterial properties to castor oil. And thus using castor oil daily on your acne, helps getting rid of pimples and blemishes.

• The best use of castor oil is for oil cleansing method (Infact Mahek recently posted a DIY article explaining the complete method). It is because of its anti-bacterial properties that castor oil can be used as a skin cleanser. Our sebaceous glands continuously secrete sebum and harsh cleansers remove naturally occurring sebum and makes skin to produce more oil. So instead of using the harsh chemicals on your skin to remove dirty oil, use fresh and clean castor oil to remove dirt and excess sebum. It is important to know that oil dissolves oil.It will not only clean your face but will also moisturise it for good.

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• Castor oil is very good for growth of nails and it helps strengthens the weak nails and improves the texture of your cuticle skin. Apply few drops of castor oil on your nails and cuticle (one drop for each nail), and massage it for 1 minute. Do this every night for 2 weeks and you will the results yourself. It even helps in lightening the dark nails.

• Castor oil is wondrous oil for hair re-growth. If you all remember my DIY post on intensive treatment for hair-regrowth. Take 1 tbsp of castor oil, 1 tbsp of olive oil and add 2 capsules of evening primrose oil and massage this solution on your scalp twice in a week. It is very effective.

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• Castor oil also works great as a hair serum. It smoothes the hair in an instant and makes them tangle free. In 50 ml of rosewater add 1 ½ tbsp. of castor oil and few drops of jojoba and grapeseed oil and spray it on wet hair. You can use it as a leave-in scalp treatment also

• Castor oil is not only good for hair growth but also for eyelashes and eyebrows growth. To have those thick eyebrows, mix equal portions of castor oil and almond oil and massage your eyebrows and for a month. For eyelashes use a mascara wand to apply this mixture.

• Castor oil is used as a great labour stimulant. I got to know about it recently only during my bhabhi’s pregnancy when doctor suggested her to take castor oil in milk just before the delivery.
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• Not only it has cosmetic uses, but it also has medicinal uses, castor oil is an important source of ricinoleic acid and is used in many anti-fungal medicines used to cure allergies and other ailments. One of the major illnesses that castor oil is used to cure is arthritis and joint pains. Massaging with castor oil really helps relieving nerve inflammation and swollen muscles.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful!!

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14 thoughts on “Beauty Benefits and Uses of Castor Oil

  1. My mom once used castor oil on her hair several years ago and she calls it her biggest mistake. She (still) has extremely thick, curly hair which goes below her waist. She had to wash her hair so many times to get rid of the stickiness that it became super dry. Hence she strictly forbade me from using the oil as well. But I am reading so many articles about its goodness that I am confused now.

    1. Hi Preeti, do not slather it like other oils while applying on hair. Instead wet ur scalp a little and just rub it on scalp with little amount on shafts. This would ensure easy removal on shampoo wash.

  2. My mom once used castor oil on her hair several years ago and she calls it her biggest hair mistake. She had (still has actually) extremely thick and very curly hair that reached below her waist and she had to wash her hair so many times to get rid of the stickiness that her hair turned super dry. She strictly forbade me from using the oil as well. But now I’ve read so many good benefits of it, I am confused.

    1. aww Preeti I can understand…it def is a bit heavy…that is why I prefer to mix it up with some light carrier oil… *haan ji*

    1. Hey Monika….if u have sensitive skin I recommend use it once in 2 days…u can either clean your face with it using cleansing method or apply 2 or 3 drops at max for the whole face and keep it overnight…if u notice any bumps..I recommend mixing it with some EO like tea tree or lavender…good luck!! 🙂 🙂

  3. I did try after reading so many good things around. Instead of slathering go rubbing-on-scalp way for hair. Also I use a tiny amount to remove waterproof mascara. Works 2 ways – with removal plus did see some lengthening/thickening of lashes *happy dance* *happy dance*

  4. brilliant post radhika. :)) TOtally had no clue about such wonderful benefits of castor oil. I seriously want a bottle of it now. *woot* *woot*

  5. I am already using castor oil on my hair from last 2 years n it has changed my hair condition drastically, It has really done wonders to my hair. Now I am really proud of the moment I started using it on my hairs.Now I dont worry about my hairfall n its thinning. Just apply it n leave overnight n voila long lusturous hairs are all yours…… *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* ….

  6. Hiii… this is sweta… i have a big fore head… n all the time i cannot leave my hair open.. so i have to tie it up n make a pony… but because to broad forehead its doesnt seems to look nice on me… i want to regrowth my hair there… is castor oil can help me out in that…

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