Beauty Bucket List for Every Woman

Hi ladies!

We are here on the biggest beauty platform called IMBB and we all are makeup junkies. But, many of us are afraid to try new trends, and play safe when it comes to makeup. So, in today’s post, I will give you a beauty bucket list that you can follow.

Beauty Bucket List For Every Woman

Find Your Holy Grail Products:

Try and test as many products as you can according to your skin’s needs. Find your HG products that suit you well and to which you can always go back.

Do Something Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Beauty Bucket List For Every Woman 2

It could be anything, like wearing something that you usually do not wear. It could be from wearing heavy makeup to not wearing any makeup, that bold red lippie or that blue eye shadow in your vanity that you have never used.

Find A Signature Scent:

The kind of scent that reminds people of you. Find the one that says who you are and stick with it.

Be Okay with The Way You Look:

Beauty Bucket List For Every Woman 3

May be you have been stick thin all your life or you are curvy; always be the best version of yourself. Learn to be confident in your own skin.

Find A Hairstylist Who Gets You:

How many times we have had a haircut that we did not like? So many times for me for sure. Find your ONE and do not let him or her go :p

Go Natural:

Beauty Bucket List For Every Woman 4

If you are into heavy makeup then go natural for a day i.e. without any makeup. Nothing on your face and be happy with it.

Splurge on A Product:

You work too hard, so you deserve that beauty product you have been eyeing for too long. Do not think about it, if you know buying that thing will make you happy then buy it with your own money.

Change Your Hairstyle:

Beauty Bucket List For Every Woman 5

If you have been rocking those bangs since your high class, then it is time to change it. Get a complete different hairstyle. Chop your hair very short, if you always had long hair. You will feel liberated.

Do One Big Beauty Haul:

Do one big beauty haul and post the picture here on IMBB.

Learn How To Braid:

Beauty Bucket List For Every Woman 6

Learn to make a french braid. Though, I know it is common but still not every girl has mastered it yet and I am one of them.

Get A Full Skin Consult:

If you have been experiencing some problem from a very young age and have changed hundreds of products, but still nothing. Then, the problem may be lying underneath. Go get a full consultation on your skin from a dermatologist and your skin will thank you for this.

Get Manicure and Pedicure Done:

Beauty Bucket List For Every Woman 7

I know we all have had them done, but maybe there are a few who still have not. Go get them done. You will love your hands and feet so much as you deserve the pampering.

Master Highlighting and Contouring:

If you are just into basic makeup then step out and learn different makeup techniques. Highlighting and contouring is just 2 of them to look like a refined and polished version of you.

Nail Your Winged Eyeliner:

Beauty Bucket List For Every Woman 8

Girl, it is time! Nail your winged liner and while you are at it, try the double winged eye liner too :p

Ditch Those Usual Colours:

Ditch those black, grey and brown eye shadows and give way to all the greens and blues for a day. If you have been wearing the fuchsia pink too often then go nude for a day.

Please do tell me your bucket list in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Beauty Bucket List for Every Woman

  1. Cool tips Vandana.. i was pretty scared when i put on a bright red lipstick for the first time and it turned out fine 😉 but it is definitely worth it to step out of your comfort zone na. Who knows we may discover something great! The rest of the tips are worth sticking to 🙂

  2. This is such a nice list Vandana, and all of us IMBBans must do these things. I really need to nail winged eyeliner yet though. 😛 Enjoyed reading it, amazing! :-*

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