Beauty by Calvin Klein for Women Review

Beauty by Calvin Klein for Women Review

Hello Ladies,

Today, I will be reviewing one on my favorite favorite perfumes which is “Beauty” by Calvin Klein.

Beauty by Calvin Klein for Women Review

Product Description:

A sophisticated and feminine fragrance. Presenting a new olfactive structure and creating a modern floral expression of the neo-lily. Top notes, The neo-lily is the heart and essence of the fragrance, blooming with a feminine strength. Middle notes, Absolute ambrette seeds enhance the spicy warmth. Timeless jasmine elevates the floral signature. Bottom notes, A trail of cedarwood brings a vibrant and magnetic aura.  Beautifully feminine, its curvaceous bottle rests upon a luxurious glass heel, suspending the fragrance inside a luminous sphere. A metallic silver ring embraces the glass bottle, expressing sophistication, glamour, and confidence


Lily, Absolute Ambrette Seeds, Jasmine, Cedarwood.

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Sophistication. Glamour. Strength.


1 oz for $50 and 3.4 oz for $ 85.

Beauty Perfume

My Take on Beauty by Calvin Klein for Women:

I have been using Ralph Lauren’s “Romance” for a year now and that is my signature fragrance, but lately, I realized that I need a change, therefore a new perfume.  I was on a hunt for a smell I would like for a couple of months, but nothing really clicked.  Then, I came across CK Beauty and from the moment that I had a whiff of it, a sense of nostalgia came over me. I did not buy it right away, but I couldn’t get the smell out of my head. I was going back to sample it every time I went to the mall, but then, it suddenly clicked me. The nostalgic feeling was caused by the jasmine notes it, it reminded me of the time in my childhood when my mom used to wear “gajras.”  There was something comforting about the fragrance, so the next day I bought it online.

Now, for the product review. I wear this perfume on special occasions only. The staying power is quite impressive. The flowery smell of it lingers for about 2-3 hours and then it mellows down to light musky-woody smell, which lingers for the rest of the day. It is a very sophisticated and summery smell, and my husband absolutely loves it too. I definitely recommend this perfume by Calvin Klein.

Pros of Beauty by Calvin Klein for Women:

  • Good for people who like floral/woody smell.
  • Lasting power is good.
  • Sophisticated and clean smell, not too overpowering.
  • Good for both daytime and night time wear.

Cons of Beauty by Calvin Klein for Women:

  • Expensive.

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  1. i hve the biggest bottle of this n also got a roll on free with it..totally adore this perfume..the fragrance is such that it lingers on and on and changes after a couple of hours..nice review sweety..

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