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Tarry asks:

Hi Rati and team IMBB

Need urgent help for a friend who is getting married this Saturday.

She has oily skin and tried a new creme last night thinking it might do wonders for her skin. It’s Vivel Cell renewal fortify moisturizer (I am thinking of reviewing this one now). But she’s had a bad breakout and she’s really worried now. This is not an ask imbb question but a help question.

Can you please suggest what to use for such breakouts so that by Saturday, her skin’s better.

Please help.

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16 thoughts on “Beauty Emergency Before Wedding: Ask IMBB

  1. well I’m not an expert,but I have bad breakouts (thanks to my sensitive skin) even if I apply sunscreen or moisturizer(even thoae which claims “non comedogenic”). Anyways,for your friend,I have these tips,hope it helps and I’m sure other experienced ladies out here know more on this.

    1) Rub ice cubes over breakouts for 2mins. it gives cool sensation as well somewhat reduces the redness and size of the breakouts instantly.

    2) Mix equal amount of milk+honey+cinnamon paste n apply only over breakouts. keep for 15-20min n wash with water.

    3) Apply femcinol-A gel on acne at night. Reduces acne to small size within 3days (personal experience) Make sure to apply moisturizer the next morning after dace wash.

  2. Hi there , i m sory to hear that…. I think your friend must have got some allergic reaction with the product, in this case it is best to go to a good dermatologist and also show him the product
    so that he can understand the situation properly and prescribe appropriate medicine( he may give some oral pills to subside the breakout ) to your friend.

  3. Thanks Shilpa….
    Swadha, the friend is in a small town and looking for a dermatologist is difficult so she may have to opt for other options…

  4. Best ask her to apply himalaya’s neem face pack since it really works on reducing the pimples in 2 days..or else you can try applying tea tree oil also..benzoyl peroxide medicine too works india we get it by benzac AC 5%..hope this helps and best wishes to your friend.

  5. I second Parita … Benzac is very effective for breakouts. Dermatologists recommend this for breakouts 🙂 Use ice as Shilpa said. Hope it will be fine soon

  6. Steam her face and ask her to leave on himalaya neem or mud pack loner like an hr or so.. It really shrinks the size of pimples 🙂 oh and aroma magic grape fruit face wash does wnders

  7. Well i suggest not to panic and relax, there are much more important things in the marriage than zits, i am hope i am not sounding cruela but it is the time when we have relatives all around and we have to take care of each and every ritual.. so enjoy the wedding and leave the rest to your beautician, and yes do inform her in advance about your problem so tht she will be prepared to handle the situation..

  8. 1. First of all, relax.. stress and tension about the zits may worsen the situation. Your friend must keep a calm mind and resolve to work on the zits without taking any stress. I know its far difficult but she must try it.
    2. a paste of nutmeg powder with very little honey and few drops of lemon juice should cool down the zits. Dont use oily substance such as milk, cream or curd. Dont over do all this as it may dry out the skin way too much.
    3. Ask her to use a face wash for acne such as clean and clear since its very drying, it should dry out the acne. Use rose water as a toner since she is not in city, I guess rose water will be easily available to her rather than other toners. Something is better than nothing. Ask her to use her previously used face cream/moisturizer since her skin is used to it and will not worsen the acne. Apply some talcum powder over it so that upper layer is dry and does not attract any dust in the air.
    4. Dont pick the zits and dont touch the face even if your hand is moisturized with hand cream or any body lotion since the facial skin is not used to them. Also, I found the spot treatment gels such as Lotus herbals tea tree acne gel very helpful in cooling the angry acne.
    5. I hope with all this, her zits subside a bit in couple of days. Last option is left to the beautician who with the help of concealer and thick layer of foundation should be able cover them up. However, I dont know if this is wise since use of make up on acne might clog the pores and increase the acne. She will have to deal with them post the marriage ceremony. I strongly suggest her to use olive oil to remove all the make up after rituals and similar face care routine as above for many days till the acne vanishes.

  9. I feel really sorry for your friend. I too have faced many problems like this earlier. My advice to you is to consult a dermatologist asap and tell him the problem. Till then to soothe the breakouts she can apply calamine lotion. My doctor advised this to me once when I broke out because of a face pack.

  10. Ok, some of the things that I will say may be different but this is what I do when I have breakouts and I really need to look my best for a special event.

    First of all, she needs to make her breakouts dry out. I swear by using a clay masque like Queen Helene Mint Julep but please make sure not to use something that she hasn’t tried before. If she doesn’t have a clay masque, try grounding up some aspirin (that’s salicylic acid) and mix it up with a few drops of water to create a paste then use it for spot treatment overnight. For the rest of her face, use a gentle cleanser and toner, then moisturize on the areas where there are no breakouts.

    Once she sees that breakouts ripen (like when the pus comes to a head) take a clean, disinfected needle or pin and wash hands thoroughly. Prick the pimple with a pin then squeeze until the necrotic tissue comes out (it’s like a small mass of dried pus) which will flatten the pimple. Follow through with more spot treatment until it’s dried out. Always, clean hands, clean tools.

    The thing is that flattening out the breakouts will make it easier to conceal under makeup– as a MUA I know that it’s better to deal with dark spots rather than bumps. It will look better for photos too, and in person. Later, she can deal with the damage by using lightening creams and treatments like diamond peel.

    Of course, it’s up to her. If she can go to a trusted facialist to have her pimples popped a few days before the wedding, that might be best.

    1. I think this is the best advice. As other things might rebounce and she dont have time to do patch tests etc. I second, marks are better to deal with than bumbs.
      Apply ice after you prick them all. Dont overdo any treatment/remedy. Jus be calm n happy.

  11. Pimples can be handles with creams like ‘kailash jeevan’ ( it would be really helpful if she gets that cream in her town ) or else try to put Vicks over pimples overnight ! it really works and by the time she gets up..pimples are gone…

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