Beauty Formulas 60 Second Wash Off Peeling Gel Review

Skin type: Sensitive, combination-oily, acne-prone
Hello Everyone!
I have recently hauled quite a few products from Beauty Formulas. Today, I am reviewing Beauty Formulas 60 Second Wash Off Peeling Gel. To know more, read on!
Beauty Formulas 60 Second Wash Off Peeling Gel

Product Description:

Price & Quantity: 219 INR for 50ml


My Experience with Beauty Formulas 60 Second Wash Off Peeling Gel:

The packaging of the product is quite simple, lightweight and travel friendly. The gel comes in an easy squeeze sachet, which has a white colored plastic screw on type cap. The plastic packet contains product description, ingredients list, how to use and other details.

The gel is white in color. The consistency of the product is thick and slightly gel-like. It has a nice and refreshing citrusy fragrance. It feels so calming and fresh. The gel spreads evenly on the skin. A thin layer is applied on the skin. But, you need to be very quick in applying the peeling gel. The gel starts to peel within a few seconds of applying it on the skin.

According to the usage instruction, I leave this gel mask on my face for a minute and then rub it gently like a facial scrub. The gel mask starts to peel off easily without hurting the skin. This gel mask does not stick to the skin like other peeling gels, which hurts when you take them off. You must remove this mask quickly within 60 seconds only because delaying that makes it difficult to remove the mask, as it gets dried up super quick.

The mask exfoliates my skin gently. It cleanses the skin pores and swipes away all the dead cells from my skin. This mask makes my skin baby soft and it feels so smooth. The mask gives mild exfoliation and it is perfect for my sensitive skin. I did not notice any special radiance in my skin after using the mask. But, that is fine for me because the product do not claim to do so. But, for me the only con of this gel mask is it makes my skin slightly oily after use. Overall, I like the product.
back of packaging

Pros of Beauty Formulas 60 Second Wash Off Peeling Gel:

• Nice packaging.
• Relaxing aroma.
• Good consistency.
• Easy to apply.
• Dries up fast.
• Exfoliates gently.
• Good for all skin types.
• Removes dead skin.
• Makes my skin baby soft.

Cons of Beauty Formulas 60 Second Wash Off Peeling Gel:

• Gives slightly oily sheen after use.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Beauty Formulas 60 Second Wash Off Peeling Gel?
Yes to both.

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