Beauty Formulas Age Defying Nourishing Day Cream Review

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I am back with a review of a day cream, from Beauty Formulas.

Beauty Formulas Age Defying Nourishing Day Cream

230 INR

Product Description:

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Age Defying Nourishing Day Cream:

Although, I shouldn’t be using an age defying cream, I bought it anyway because prevention is better than cure. I expected this cream tub to be small and travel friendly, but no, it’s a huge tube and it’s quite bulky. It has a screw cap and it has a foam sheet that works as a barrier. The details are printed all over the body. This type of packaging might be bothersome for some, but as long as the stuff works, I don’t mind.


The cream is pearly white in colour and is light in weight and texture. It feels light and looks pearly, but when you rub it on your skin it becomes thick in texture and white in colour. It is very strange and annoying at first because you expect a lightweight cream, but when you apply it, it gets thicker and heavier. But it gets absorbed into the skin quickly and doesn’t feel as heavy.


This cream is perfect to moisturize your skin for the entire day and a little goes a very long way. You only need a pea-sized amount for your face and neck region. It smells really nice and exactly how a day cream should smell like – fresh and floral. I really like the fragrance of this cream. It lasts for 5 minutes after which it fades away. It doesn’t make my skin look oily or make my skin sweat. But yes, if you go overboard with the cream, then definitely it will make your skin look oily and sweaty.


I use it beneath my sunscreen and it works fine. I also sometimes layer a complexion product and still it doesn’t make my skin feel heavy. It will work fine for all skin types. I haven’t seen any change in my skin, in the way it looks or feels even after regular use, so there’s no “age defying” property in this cream.  It’s just a regular day cream.

Pros of Beauty Formulas Age Defying Nourishing Day Cream:

  • You get a lot of product for the price you pay.
  • Just a little product goes a very long way.
  • Moisturises skin really well.
  • You won’t need to reapply the cream throughout the day.
  • Smells great.
  • Gets absorbed into the skin really quickly.
  • Doesn’t make skin oily or sweaty if you use the correct amount
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on the skin once it gets absorbed.
  • Doesn’t leave a white cast on your face.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Age Defying Nourishing Day Cream:

  • Changes colour and texture when you rub it on to your skin.
  • Makes skin oily and sweaty if you go overboard with it.
  • Tub type packaging is not preferred by all.
  • Doesn’t make any changes to how your skin feels or looks with regular use.
  • No age defying properties.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Repurchase Beauty Formulas Age Defying Nourishing Day Cream?

I don’t know about the repurchase yet, but I’ll surely recommend this cream. It’s a very nice product and worth the money.

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