Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask Review

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Today I am going to review Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask. I had bought this facial mask 2 or 3 months ago, and I totally forgot about it. Beauty Formulas has some nice skin care products; I quite like them. Let’s get into the details.

Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask Review

Rs. 199/- for 1 sheet (20ml)

Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask Review1

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask:

Beauty formulas collagen essence facial mask comes in a sky blue plastic pouch packaging. It takes lesser space and is easy to carry. All the details are given on the packaging. You should follow the directions; they easy and simple. There is nothing fancy about the packaging.

Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask Review2

I personally feel this type of sheet masks are good for emergency purpose, when you have no time but want your skin to look good. They are great for travels too. It comes in a sheet format with lots of moisturising cream. I think the quantity of moisturizer is very good to cover whole face. The size of the sheet mask is so perfect that it covers up the whole face. It looks very normal like other masks. There is no extra color present in the mask. It looks plain white in color. The moisturizer looks perfect white and smells very sweet and smoothing. I can feel a good spa-kind of smell after application. It’s really good.

Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask Review4

Creamy potion inside the sheet is little thick in texture and it gets nicely placed on the face. I had left the mask on for 30 minutes. Actually they had mentioned 15 minutes on the packaging, but I forgot the time. After application I could feel gentle creaminess. There was no sign of dryness. It suit my oily – sensitive skin quite nicely. It offered rich moisturizing effects, and after few minutes the moisture got penetrated nicely into my skin.

It didn’t make my skin feel dry till the time it was on my face. After removing the mask, my face became totally moisturized and soft. This facial mask gave deep nourishment and made my skin so smooth. It can totally cure all the dry patches.

Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask Review6

It also provided a nice glow to my face which looks very pretty; a kind of dewy finish. It hid all the fine lines and made my skin look younger. It is a nice face mask for instant use. It didn’t break me out. As I have oily skin, I feel that this is good to use during fall and winter, or you can use as a night mask. But it is quite oily for summer days, for oily skin. But this is a great mask for normal to dry skin.

But there are some bad parts that I really don’t like. It can’t give an instant brightening effect to the skin. I wish that with moisturizing it also provided bright skin. Basically we can get that kind of softness with a moisturiser also, I didn’t do anything extraordinary. The nourishment provided also didn’t  stay for long – 1 day maximum.

Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask Review5

Overall it’s a nice facial mask for winter days, especially for dry skin. But I do not think it is a good one for summers. May be the softness will stay longer in summers. It makes my skin glow which is nice, but I am still not super impressed by it.

Pros of Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask:

• Small, travel friendly pouch packaging.
• Has a very nice spa type smell.
• Comes with lots of moisturizing liquid.
• Nicely settles on the face.
• Feels very good on face.
• Provides deep nourishment.
• Hydrates dry skin nicely, and can hide all the signs of dryness.
• Provides a nice glow.
• Keeps skin soft in texture for 2-3 days.
• Makes skin look younger.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask:

• Expensive according to its quantity.
• It can’t provide any brightness.
• Doesn’t feel fresh or soothing.
• Feels little oily during summer days.
• The effects stay only for a day or two.
• Availability is an issue.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask?
There is nothing special about this one; I am happy with my normal face pack. Also, there are so many good facial masks available in the market.

Would I Recommend Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask?
I don’t highly recommend it. It is just a normal facial mask which provides moisturizing effects with a glow.

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