Beauty Formulas Eyes Yeux Eye Make Up Remover Review

Skin tone: Fair
Skin type: Normal to oily
Eyes: Sensitive

Hello, all!
I got some stuff from Beauty Formulas lately. I think these are the newly introduced products with some revamped packaging. So let’s hear more details about this.
Beauty Formulas Eyes Yeux Eye Make Up Remover Review

225 INR for 200ml



My Experience with Beauty Formulas Eyes Yeux Eye Make Up Remover:

The packaging is pretty good; a sturdy plastic bottle with a screw cap. The bottle may feel bulky to be carried around but I think it is pretty fine. The cap has a nozzle which dispenses the product.


The remover has a runny and watery consistency. I prefer to use it with cotton balls. The liquid looks blue from the bottle but turns out colorless. It does not have any significant aroma to it, thankfully. I am very new to such makeup removers since I always stick to oils for removing makeup and cleansing. Baby oil and coconut oil are my Holy Grail removers as they never failed me until now.


As far as the performance is concerned, I am not very impressed with it since it turned out average. It is gentle on skin, yes. But it needs quite a lot of rubbing to take off the long-lasting liners, which is a pain. In those terms, the remover is too mild. I do not like rubbing my eyes a lot since I’ve undergone Lasik surgery and I take utmost care of my eyes. It does not completely remove all the traces of liner in one go.


I need to rub multiple times and reach back for the product. So it is a bit tiring. On the other hand, it did not sting my sensitive eyes. It did not dry out the skin around the eye either. All in all, I would go back to my coconut oil since it is not only good for the skin but removes more effectively as well.


Pros of Beauty Formulas Eyes Yeux Eye Make Up Remover:

• Good packaging.
• No significant aroma.
• Did not sting my eyes.
• Did not irritate my skin.
• Good quantity for the price.
• Non-drying.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Eyes Yeux Eye Make Up Remover:

• Does not remove all the traces of eye makeup in one go.
• Too mild in terms of removing strength.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Beauty Formulas Eyes Yeux Eye Make Up Remover?
I’d recommend this only to those who have time and patience to gently remove eye makeup by dedicating some time. I’d not repurchase this since I’m dedicated to coconut oil. 😀

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