Beauty Formulas Face and Bikini Line Wax Strips Review

Beauty Formulas Face and Bikini Line Wax Strips

* 36 Strips
* Ready to use
* Effective from 2mm
* Clean Quick and Easy

I am person who likes to be self-dependent for hair removal, well at least facial 😛 I always have tweezers handy, and wax strips too. So I got these for a pricey tag of 299 so that I could use it for upper lip. But honestly I think I am not satisfied with this wax strip.May be for some it would work but let me tell you why it did not work for me.

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The wax strips are perfectly sized for bikini line and for the upper lip. You just need to warm it by rubbing between palms, and then peel them apart,press it in the direction of hair and then pull in the opposite direction.Well so far so good.I never wait for full growth hence we need these strips handy to take off smaller hair. 2mm is too much wait for probably hence it did not work for me.The upperlip hair overtime have not gone any better but they are not soft too.I personally feel this strip works for only soft and fine hair.Well then this goes for bikini line too.If this does not work for upper lip hair, i thought let me try it for post-shave hair growth on bikini like.This works only to remove 30% of the softer hair otherwise, if the hair is slightly tougher or smaller, this will not work for you.
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On the contrary if you have finer hair on the chin you want to get rid off, this will work.or say some fine hair growth under the brows or sometimes on the corner end of the brows, there are finer hair, this will work for that.So remember this works for finer and longer hair.for hair that have been used to being removed often like upper lip, this does not work in one go.
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Yes, if you would light to loosen your skin by pulling the strip numerous times, then this would work but I would appreciate if it works in one go.Secondly , the strip says it is reusable. I.I do not think you can, you can try pressing both the strips back and then rubbing them back, but this again might work once again, not more.So one strip when peeled becomes two, then when you reuse them you can count on a double strip for four times, but I am not happy with the hair removal this gives me.May be the wax is too soft or something.
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Overall I think it is very overpriced, and does not work for me.YOu can skip it.

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  1. I used these wax strips last night on my upper lip as I have dark hair I get a few dark hairs on my upper lip, will never use them again woke up this morning and it looks like it’s took a patch of my skin off and looks bruised 😞

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