Beauty Formulas Face Visage Refreshing Facial Tonic Review

Skin Type: Oily & sensitive

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Today’s review is going to be on Beauty Formulas Face VISAGE Refreshing Facial Tonic. During summer, my oily skin requires a refreshing toner to stay fresh and this one is quite a refreshing toner. Let’s start the review.
Beauty Formulas Face Visage Refreshing Facial Tonic Review

INR 245 for 200ml


My Experience with Beauty Formulas Face Visage Refreshing Facial Tonic:

This facial tonic comes in a long and clear plastic bottle with a black screw cap. It is a 200ml bottle yet feels light and is easy to carry. I like the pink colored toner and how it makes the bottle look pretty. I need to put the product on a cotton ball and gently apply it on my face. According to the quantity, this one is an affordable product.


The tonic comes in a pink colored watery consistency, which is, of course, runny in nature. It is so easy to apply. The texture is light weight and it gets absorbed easily by the skin. This non-sticky and non-oily texture feels smooth on my skin. The tonic spreads smoothly on the skin. It has a very pleasant and refreshing smell which soothes your senses. I really like this kind of a smell as it does not feel overpowering. But, it does not stay on for long.


I apply this tonic mostly at night after cleansing my face. It doesn’t give any cooling sensation but it provides a fresh and smooth skin. It instantly makes my skin soft and hydrated. I have oily skin and this tonic has never aggravated the oiliness. It just takes a few minutes to settle down into a soft and silky texture. It deeply cleanses my face and removes all the extra dirt & makeup from the face. It unclogs my pores, just like it claims.


It helps to remove all the excess oil from my face and makes skin clear and oil free too. It suits my oily and sensitive skin well. It is an alcohol-free toner, I guess as my sensitive skin never accepts those alcohol laden toners. It has never broken me out. It instantly provides a radiant and a healthy glow. It makes my skin hydrated and bright.


I have noticed some good changes in my skin. Basically, with regular usage, my skin has become healthy and nice. It suits almost all skin types. It has a perfectly balanced formula. I totally love this facial tonic. As it is very hot these days, my T-zone starts to get oily after 2 hours. But, I prefer to apply this at night, so it is okay for me. Also, after a very hot day, it actually tones down my face. Overall, I really like this toner.

Pros of Beauty Formulas Face Visage Refreshing Facial Tonic:

• Nice, travel-friendly packaging.
• Affordable.
• Has a pleasant & soothing smell.
• Glides easily on the skin.
• Non-oily and non-sticky.
• Gets absorbed quickly.
• Removes all the dirt from the face.
• Deeply cleanses the pores.
• Remove excess oil from face.
• Makes skin soft and hydrated.
• Instantly provides a radiant, fresh and healthy-looking skin.
• Makes skin smooth.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Face Visage Refreshing Facial Tonic:

• T-zone becomes oily after 2 hours.
• The scent doesn’t linger.
• Availability.

IMBB Rating:

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Beauty Formulas Face Visage Refreshing Facial Tonic?
Yes. It is an affordable toner for all skin types. I am enjoying this a lot.

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