Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips Review

Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips Review

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Well, summer is in are in full swing in Asia, aren’t they! I am done with my summer essential shopping, but then shopping never ends 😛 Coming to the review, if you are into frequent traveling, then wax strips come in handy.  I prefer getting waxing done from a salon as I am still uncomfortable doing it myself. Since I have been busy travelling, I purchased Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips. I was very reluctant to write the review, didn’t know what to write, but because I loved the usefulness of these, thus a long pending review is here.

Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips

Product Description:

Beauty Formulas cold wax strips are a convenient and easy way to ensure effective long lasting hair removal. Perfect for use on hands, body, legs and under arms, leaving your skin hair free for upto 4 weeks. Remove any excess wax with cotton wool pas or tissue moistened with baby oil.

Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips


3.25– (Made in UK) contains 40 strips.


I have observed that the card-box design and color varies in different countries. What I got here is a blue packaging, containing 4o cold wax strips, carefully arranges in a plastic wrapping. The wax sheets are white in color and contain light green colored wax. The product claims to be enriched with aloe and vitamin E.


My Take on Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips:

You can easily do waxing at home, saving time and money with the aid of such handy and ready made products. Once you are confident to do it on your own without any professional help, these wax strips would be very helpful.  No need of any pot, spatula or cloth piece; hence I am free to carry them anywhere and use them to obtain desired results in least possible time.  These are really very easy to use; just rub the strips together to warm the wax and keep the wax sheet on the desired area, press a little and remove quickly in one jerk in the direction opposite to hair growth.  I usually apply an anti-inflammatory lotion after waxing.  The results are thoroughly satisfying. No hair is left on the area except just the wax residue, which is a bit difficult to wipe with a dry cotton pad. So as per the packaging instructions, I had to use baby oil to clean it.

Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips

The packaging doesn’t include wax removal strips.  Each strip can be used for three times and is big enough that maximum 3 strips shall be sufficient for both arms full wax up to elbows. The pain I experienced was slightly more than salon waxing.  It did not cause any irritation, red spots, bleeding or itching afterwards. However, it is really important to read the directions and precautions carefully if you are using these for the first time. Also, you should be well aware of your pain tolerance capability if you are waxing for the very first time in life and it is better to take someone’s help.  I found these good for hair removal from upper lips, face, legs and arms. The hair growth rate is same as in other methods of waxing and varies from person to person.

Pros of Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips:

  • Simple packaging and very easy to use.
  • Travel friendly and time saving waxing method.
  • Gives desired results for arms, legs and face.
  • No pots, spatula, etc. required.
  • Waxing method same as in ordinary waxing without strips.
  • No itching, bleeding or red spots after waxing.
  • Easily available everywhere.
  • Comes with instructions and description.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips:

  • No wax removal wipes provided.
  • Not effective for underarms.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Repurchase Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips?

Yes, these are definitely a must-have for those who prefer waxing for hair removal.

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10 thoughts on “Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips Review

    1. aww never saw the hip hop ones … in my case i am lucky to have less density of hairs, inherited from mom so i’m easy with wax strips too *woot* but when my room mate used them effectively on her arms with dense hair, i decided to write the review 🙂

  1. Hi sumera, u have given a prompt review.. I have not used beauty formulas wax strips but m using veet wax strips which are available for dry, oily and sensitive skin.. Total 8 strips with 2 wipes.. Very economic n very gud. I have a lot of thick hair on my arms n legs n this s d best one. It s also gud for underarm waxing. N wipes give a moisture n gud fragrance.. but u must b sure u don’t sweat while waxing. Or else they don’t stick well. I do wax after a hot shower so tat d pain s less n easy for waxing. N do it in ac. Do try it.

    1. great suggestions shirly *thankyou* the only thing that bothers me is the pain, though it isn’t intolerable but still and you have given me a great idea 🙂

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