Beauty Formulas Hydrating Shower Gel – Tropical Mango

Beauty Formulas Hydrating Shower Gel – Tropical Mango

Hello to all!!

How are you all. Did you guys watch Comedy nights with Kapil – Salman episode. It was just phenomenal. I just loved it…Well, tell me who all love mangoes- the king of all fruits. I toh love mangoes like crazy. I wait all the year for summers just for mangoes. You guys must be thinking why I am talking about mangoes in winters. 😛 because I have got mangoes in winters.
Today I am going to review a body wash- Beauty Formulas Hydrating Shower Gel – Tropical Mango. I already have three body washes with me out of which one is not even half empty. I think I seriously need to think before I spend but this one, I could not resist.



INR 310 for 750ml

Shelf Life:

2 years

What beauty formulas says:

Beauty formulas body and bath hydrating shower gel is a specially formulated combination of effective active cleansing ingredients to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your skin. A mild and gentle formula to leave you feeling clean and fresh all over.


My experience with Beauty Formulas Hydrating Shower Gel – Tropical Mango:

I am crazy for different variants of body wash/shower gels. This one comes in transparent bottle which has mangoes over it. The colour of shower gel is orange pink and the consistency is quite runny. It smells really like mangoes, like some mango drink and I totally loved it. Only a small amount is sufficient for one bath and it makes skin squeaky clean. It lathers really well. My bathroom was filled with the aroma after I came out but the smell is not long lasting. I could barely smell it after the bath. The bottle size is too big. Of course it is economical but the big size makes it difficult to carry. Also the flip to open cap is not too tight and might get opened easily. I think I might need to transfer it to some other small bottle. The shower gel is moisturizing enough and does not leave your skin too dry. Of course I needed body lotion as the weather is too dry but I do not think I will need a lotion after it in summers. Overall it is a good deal which I got 😛


Positives for Beauty Formulas Hydrating Shower Gel – Tropical Mango:

• Super affordable. See quantity vs. price
• Smells really nice. All mangoes lovers are surely going to love it
• Does not leave skin dry and stretchy
• Lathers well
• Small amount is enough



Negatives for Beauty Formulas Hydrating Shower Gel – Tropical Mango:

• Big bottle difficult to carry
• Cap not too tight
• Smells does not lasts long but I think that is the problem with almost all the shower gels and I have kind of compromised with it.

Will I repurchase or recommend Beauty Formulas Hydrating Shower Gel – Tropical Mango?

This big bottle is going to lasts me so long and I might get bored of it. But somewhere in future this will always be in my to- buy list. Yes I will recommend this to all. “ab aam ka koi season nahi” :

IMBB rating


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  1. woooo i saw this one but had too many shower gels to finish *hihi* *hihi* will surely try this once i finish mine as i love mangoes too *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. I saw this one too but I have like 10 different shower gels lined up…I wonder when will they get over so I can get this one. Love mangoes! 😛 *happy dance*

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