Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel Review

Hello ladies,

I always prefer waxing but, sometimes, I prefer shaving whenever I am in a rush. I do not find enough time for waxing as shaving is pretty easy and can be done at home. I almost finished using my previous shaving cream. So, when I spotted this one at a nearby beauty store, I thought of giving it a shot. Therefore, after a couple of usages here comes the review of Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel for you all. Read on to know how it fared for me 🙂

Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel Review7

Price and Quantity: 135 PHP or 180 INR approximately for 150 ml.
Product Description:
* Legs, Underarm and Bikini Line.
* Moisture Rich Glycerine and Aloe Non-Foaming Transparent Gel with Fresh Fragrance
* Clear Gel ensures maximum visibility for the precise shaving of the most delicate areas.
* Replenishes skin moisture to leave skin softer smoother.

Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel Review3


Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel Review2

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel:

Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel Review5

The packaging of the product is nice. The shaving gel comes in an easy squeeze tube. I absolutely love the blue colored packaging with classy dark blue fonts. The back of the tube has the product description, usage instructions, ingredients list, etc. The tube has a clear flip top cap that shuts tightly making an audible click sound; this makes the tube fit for travel purposes.

Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel Review4

The shaving gel is a transparent liquid. The consistency of the shaving gel is thick and gel-like and it helps to spread the product nicely onto the skin without any effort or spilling. The shaving gel has a very mild and pleasant floral fragrance. The smell is mild and non-bothering. It fades away gradually within a minute or two.

Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel Review

This shaving gel is a non-foaming product. This makes it different from other shaving creams and gels available in the market. This shaving gel does not foam at all. So, some may not like it. Even I was in a dilemma about buying this product but then, I decided to give it a shot and I am actually happy with the results. But, the only thing that I dislike about this non-foaming formula is, it does not give that squeaky clean feeling after rinsing off the product.

Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel Review1

Secondly, I do require a lot of product to work on legs. A little coin sized amount does not do well. The shaving gel is enriched with the goodness of aloe vera and it also contains glycerin that helps to retain the skin’s moisture and keeps the skin hydrated. If you have sensitive skin, this product can be used without a doubt as its glycerin formula takes care of the skin and prevents skin irritation or redness.

Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel Review6

The clear gel gives a closer view of the hair growth and helps to shave the area more precisely. I always prefer exfoliating the skin before shaving for better results. It never gives that burning sensation to the skin that we normally have after shaving. It gives a very clean and smooth shave. The shaving gel gets rinsed off easily without much effort and does not leave any residue behind. Overall, it gives me a perfectly smooth shave every time.

Pros of Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel:

  • Good packaging.
  • Mild fragrance.
  • Spreads easily.
  • Non-foaming formula.
  • Contains glycerine.
  • Moisturising and hydrated.
  • Gel like consistency.
  • Easy to rinse off.
  • Does not leave any residue behind.
  • Keeps skin nourished.
  • Prevents the skin from razor burns.
  • Gives a perfect shave.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel:

  • Non-foaming formula.
  • Does not give a squeaky clean feeling after rinsing off.
  • A good amount is required to work with.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Beauty Formulas Ladies Shaving Gel?
Yes, but if you like something that foams a lot then, you may not like this one as it has a non-foaming formula.

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