Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter Review

Body Type: Normal to Dry

Hello ladies!!

I am enjoying winters perfectly and I am also on a skin care buying spree to fight dryness caused by the cold weather. This Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter is such a product. Read on for the detailed review:

Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter tub packaging

Product Description and Ingredients:
Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter ingredients

INR 349/- for 200 ml.

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter:

Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter comes in a big 200 ml orange jar with a normal cap. I am not a fan of jar packaging, but as it is a thick body butter, it comes in a tub packaging. Also, it’s a bit big tub to carry around, but for daily use, it will last long.

Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter full

I have never previously used any skin product with mango in it, so I was really excited about using this body butter and its smell. We all love mangoes and this butter smells like it. Initially, I felt a bit uncomfortable, but after a few uses, I began like to like the fragrance. Unfortunately, the smell doesn’t last long, and within one hour, it fades away.

Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter Review

This body butter has a smooth, soft, buttery texture that glides effortlessly on the skin and it nicely absorbs into skin, leaving skin soft and silky. It feels extremely light and non greasy. I just love its buttery formula, it instantly makes skin smooth and supple.

Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter tub

This body butter is rich in mango seed butter that provides deep nourishment to skin and yes, it does provide that moisturization to skin. It has a thick texture but never feels that heavy on skin. It actually takes care of dryness well. It also repairs the texture and adds a nice glow to the skin.

Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter swatch

My skin stays moisturized for around 4-5 hours, but I can’t call it a long-lasting body butter. I mean, it doesn’t last throughout the day on skin and I always need frequent reapplications. Actually, now the weather is too cold and my skin becomes super dry, so I am always in the need for extra hydration. Maybe this body butter will work best during other seasons.

Overall, it is definitely a good body butter with amazing texture. It makes my skin really smooth. The only thing is that I wish it stayed longer on my skin.

Pros of Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter:

  • Smells of mangoes.
  • Buttery soft texture.
  • Leaves skin soft smooth and supple.
  • Absorbs quickly.
  • Lightweight, non-greasy formula.
  • Moisturizes skin.
  • Takes care of dryness, improves rough texture.
  • Makes skin healthy.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter:

  • Unhygienic jar packaging.
  • Doesn’t last long on body, frequent reapplications needed.
  • Smell does not last for long.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Beauty Formulas Mango Body Butter?
If you want something lightweight and hydrating, this body butter is good, but for winters, it is not sufficient.

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