Beauty Formulas Mango Dead Sea Mask Review

Beauty Formulas Mango Dead Sea Mask

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Today I will be reviewing a mud clay face mask from the UK brand Beauty Formulas. I really like their face masks, both sheet and clay masks. This one is a mango clay mask, albeit it sounds like a pack suitable for summer, I bought it because I loved the nice bright packing and really wanted to try. So let us see how this one turned out.

Beauty FormulasMango Dead Sea Mask

Product Info: A distinctive combination of Dead Sea Salt blended with Mango and other soothing natural ingredients such as Orange, Aloe and Lemon to create an intense deep cleaning action to purify the skin and draw out impurities from within, to leave skin clarified, radiant and refreshing clean.

Price: INR 110 for 15 ml

Usage Directions: Thoroughly cleanse the face and pat dry. Gently massage the mask evenly over the skin with your fingertips taking care of the eye and lip area. For maximum benefits leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with water and pat dry. Use weekly for healthy looking skin.

My experience with Beauty Formulas Mango Dead Sea Mask:

As I have already mentioned, I love the packaging, the mask comes in a sachet and it’s so bright and colorful and the packet was shouting “pick me” from the lot and I instantly picked it up. The best part about these packs is that first they are travel friendly; you can carry them along anywhere and the second is that you get to try out different variants without buying the full size product. This can be used for upto 3-4 times depending upon how much you need.

BeautyFormulas Mango Dead Sea Mask

Now coming to its performance, it not only contains the goodness of mango but also sea salt, orange, lemon and aloevera (so you see that proves it is a perfect summery pack). The pack has a nice creamy texture and thick consistency and is like that of conditioner. It spreads easily on the face and hence little quantity is required and it smells awesome. I leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off cold water. My skin definitely looks clear and brighter, it feels as if it has taken off all the dirt and dullness off my face leaving it looking clean and clear. Since its winter, so I cannot say whether it is moisturising enough but it does not make skin feel stretchy.

I really love what this mask does on my skin, its perfect to be used when your skin feels the need to be rejuvenated.

Beauty Formulas Mango Dead Sea Mask

Pros of Beauty Formulas Mango Dead Sea Mask:

• Pretty packing
• Nice thick creamy texture
• Spreads easily
• Does not cause any breakouts
• Skin looks clearer and brighter
• Takes away the dullness from the face
• Affordable

Cons of Beauty Formulas Mango Dead Sea Mask:

• Storage is an issue. I usually store it in sealed clear plastic pouches
• Not easily available
• May not be moisturising enough

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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