Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues Review

Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues Review

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the oiliest of them all? – I am. Regardless of how much other ladies complain about their oily skin, I am the oiliest. With skin ridiculously oily just an hour after I put my makeup face on and leave the house, a pressed powder has been a loyal friend to me. There was a phase where I have even used tissue paper to blot the excess oil off my face, but soon realized that it was taking off more makeup than oil. I had been hearing a lot about the blotting paper trend and although I was late to the party, I can say that I had been missing out on something life-changing.  It’s obvious that when I saw the Beauty Formulas blotting paper or oil control tissues as they like to call them, lying stacked up in a corner of a beauty store right in front of the check-out counter, I could barely hold my excitement and picked it up immediately.

Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues

Product Details:

Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues are a quick and simple way to help your skin feel refreshed and clean. Use these thin transparent tissues to blot off excess facial oil without disturbing your make-up. Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues are made from natural pulp (inc. flax) to feel luxuriously soft on your skin.

  • Freshen up in seconds.
  • Instantly removes excess oil & prevents shine to help skin stay fresh and clear.
  • Helps keep skin clean without disturbing make-up.

Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues


A small aqua blue/green packet with all the information you might need about the product. It is compact enough to fit in any little clutch or even your make-up pouch.

Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues:

Ever since I started following makeup, I have heard beauty gurus ask us to go easy on pressed powder as it blocks pores, but I look like an oil slick by 3 PM everyday and that is not a pretty sight. The Beauty Formulas Oil Control tissues mop off the excess oil off my face in seconds without disturbing the makeup at all. They are thin brown sheets and you get 50 of them.

Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues

It’s a chore to get one sheet out at a time at first, but with time, you will be a pro at it.  I will admit, it doesn’t give you the matte look a pressed powder will, but it removes the shine and oil and I personally like that. With the kind of oil supply that my skin is blessed with, I have to use a pressed powder every 2 hours and at the end of the day, things start getting cakey. The sheets feel soft on the skin and the fact that they’re made from natural pulp just adds to the pros.

Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues

Nailed it or failed it?

Nailed it!

If you’re an oily girl, get these. Period. You will love them for how gentle they are on your skin and how easily they make your face shine-free. If you are looking for a super matte look though, these won’t seal the deal for you. A pretty straight forward product that does what its supposed to do and you can see the results on your face and on the used tissue.

Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues

Pros of Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues:

  • Easy to use.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Does the job of taking off any excess oil beautifully.
  • You get 50 sheets in a pack.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Made from natural pulp.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues:

  • Hard to get one sheet out at a time.
  • Availability.

Would I Repurchase Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues?


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12 thoughts on “Beauty Formulas Oil Control Tissues Review

    1. Purva if you’re looking for something that will take the oil off ur face..this is it. But like I said if u want a complete matte look, this will not cut it. It works great for me. 😀 😀

  1. Hi Vasudha,
    Where did you get this from ? I am looking for blotting sheets for so long, but it seems rare to find in India. *nababana*

  2. Nice review dear. I had seen yhis jn NewU but i wasn’t sure if it would be worth the price, thanks to your review I can go buy it now 🙂

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