Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment Review

Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment Review

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Hope you are all in the best of health and beauty. The monsoons have finally reached Lucknow, and I am so glad it did. For now, the scorching summers have gone, and we are blessed with heavy showers and light drizzles, and a slightly cool weather. I can finally leave my tresses open, and dress the way I want, without having to worry about sweating like a piggy 😛 Not to mention the chai and pakoras. Yum!! The weather is awesome here right now.

Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment

Today’s review has been long due, because of some or the other reasons. Anyway, I am glad about the delay, because that gave me around a month’s time to see the results that it has on my skin. What happened was that I had placed an order for two of Beauty Formulas products online, after reading so many raves about the brand ; The Beauty Formulas Apricot Face Scrub and Beauty Formulas On The Spot Treatment. Here, I am reviewing the latter, which I basically purchased as my Garnier pimple control pen was over. Yes people, I still have pimples and breakouts, thankfully occasionally, it doesn’t matter that the occasion has to be exactly the same when I have to go out. I really wonder when are my hormones finally going to realize that I am past 18 and they need to stabilize now. Anyway, coming back to the review, let’s see how it fared on my oily skin.


Beauty Formulas On The Spot Treatment comes in small tube, which can easily fit into your purse. It comes with a screw open cap, and hence is travel friendly. It comes in a size of 30 ml at a price of 195 I guess (Sorry I have forgotten the actual price as I got it at a discount at Rs. 135/- online).

This is a part of the Beauty Formulas Clear Skin Range and contains Salicylic Acid which is very good for clearing up oily and acne prone skin. You can see the description, directions and ingredients from the pictures below.

Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment

Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment

My Take on Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment:

The only pimple clearing (drying actually) product that I have used till date is the Garnier Pimple Control Pen. It did the job decently in cooling the affected area and drying it in a few days. However, since I have painful kind of big acne sometimes, which pops out on slight touch, creating a small wound, the Garnier treatment stung like hell on application, so much so that my eyes watered with pain, and it lasted for about 5 minutes. Beauty Formulas On The Spot Treatment is a gel, which has to be applied directly on the pimple through tube. It smells heavily of mint, very refreshing and cool, however, this one provides a bit lesser cooling than the Garnier one. Also, the biggest plus point that I felt, was that it did not sting at all when I applied it.

Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment

The area where Beauty Formulas lags behind Garnier, is the packaging. Although it is travel friendly and small, the nozzle of the product is not at all apt for the use. It is written in the directions, to apply it directly to the affected are, but because it is of flat shape with a tiny hole for opening, you end up applying it to the whole circular area around the actual acne. On the other hand, Garnier’s nozzle is perfect for correct application. Also, in case of Beauty Formulas On The Spot Treatment, whenever I open the cap, the product automatically starts oozing out uncontrollably and I have to apply it really quickly which sometimes leads to flimsy and incorrect application of the product, not to mention the wastage.

Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment

Performance wise, I find Beauty Formulas On The Spot Treatment better than Garnier, and I will tell you why. Where Garnier took a few days to dry the acne and get rid of it, this one cools it down in a night, at most two. Also, Beauty Formulas On The Spot Treatment lightens the marks left by acne considerably, at the same time, which Garnier one did not to my knowledge and experience.

Summing up:

Pros of Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment:

  • Travel-friendly packaging and size.
  • Affordable.
  • Dries the affected area quickly.
  • Does not sting.
  • Considerably reduces the pimple marks.
  • For the short term effect, it soothes down the area and reduces the redness in a few hours, so that it can be concealed with makeup, if you have to go out.
  • Clears the affected area and prevents further pimples.

Cons of Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment:

  • The opening is not apt for spot application.
  • The product starts oozing out when you open it.
  • The above two points are the reason for product wastage.
  • Contains parabens, the whole lot of it.
  • Availability of Beauty Formulas products is an issue.

IMBB Rating and Recommendation:

I rate the Beauty Formulas On The Spot Treatment 4.1/5 (marks deducted for bad opening and parabens). This is a better alternative to the Garnier Treatment which is more popular and widely available.  I shall certainly repurchase as soon as I get hold of it, and I do recommend. This is a handy product when pimples unexpectedly pop exactly on the day you want to go out. It will soothe down the skin and reduce the redness to a large extent to make it look less prominent. It makes a huge difference overnight, trust me. Sigh! I only wish it was available more easily.

Hope you all found my review useful. See ya all next time lovelies. Stay healthy, stay gorgeous.

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20 thoughts on “Beauty Formulas On the Spot Treatment Review

  1. Hey Kadambari, did it work on existing pimple marks n did it mention the percentage of salicylic it ?? It looks similar garnier pureactive antimarks facewash in packaging and even some ingredients are same. When it comes to spot treatment I prefer to apply dispirin on the forming or already existing pimple/acne, and it works really…!! afterall dispirin is nothing but salicylic acid but in higher conc. *haan ji*

    1. I dont know about the percntage of salicylic acid..not mentioned here *nababana* I have used the pure active neem face wash of garnier and it is really good for fading pimple marks *haan ji* it works on the pimple marks in the way that once u start applying will cure the pimple in a way that marks r minimum or faded.. *happydance* n i shall definitely try ur disprin idea..thanks *puchhi*

  2. Sounds great! But my Vichy Normaderm night cream works wonders *happydance* You should give it a try 🙂 its uhhhmazing! The other day I had this huge swelling of a new pimple on my face and I applied this at night and morning- magic! it was gone *preen*

  3. Very good review dear….. I never had this problem…. But you gave a very detailed review dear … Well done… And I m still wondering in my head…. How can u sweat like a pig!!!! *hihi* *hihi*

    1. hahahah..arey i read a lot of novels so have a habit of using too many figure of “sweating like a pig” i meant that in sticky summers u get all sweaty and wet and stinky..though thankfully i do not have stinking sweat problem.. 😛 😛

  4. they have some good products only if there more easily available *specs* this looks like an effective product for a sudden breakout will try to find it, nice review 🙂

    1. Thanks Dhara 🙂 yes that’s the biggest plus point of it that it helps in case u have had a sudden breakout 😀 😀

  5. Wow.. *woot*.. M buying it asap.. U neva know wen a pimple breaks out.. *haan ji*.. Thanks for the review dear.. *clap*

  6. Hi, I am trying the cream right now and theirs one thing I’m a bit unsure about. When I put it on my skin it was alright but after a bit it started to sting. Is that supposed to happen?

  7. I have been suffering from spot problem from many days. Which is getting lighter day by day. I’m using fuller earth every day. but it would take a long time since its a natural process. Should I go for this? Skin type_ Super oily and sensitive. Age_27.

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