Beauty Formulas Pore Cleansing Seaweed Facial Scrub Review

By Smriti Gadia

Hi my ladies,
How are you all? It’s been a week since I have written any review for IMBB. I was lazing around to be frank :P. Today I am going to review Beauty Formulas Pore Cleansing Seaweed Facial Scrub. I was getting bored of my Himalaya walnut scrub and was on hunt for new products to try on. As always, I got to know about Beauty Formulas from you guys. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


Product description:
An effective deep cleansing facial exfoliator which combines seaweed extract with finely ground apricot seeds. A blend that works to help unblock pores by removing dead skin cells and other impurities. The scrub leaves the skin with a smoother, more radiant complexion.
Price: 249 INR for 150 ml.




My Experience with Beauty Formulas Pore Cleansing Seaweed Facial Scrub:-

This is the first time I am using a product from Beauty Formulas. First let me start with packaging. The scrub comes in an inverted white glossy tube with a white flip cap. It is sturdy and travel friendly.
The facial scrub is light blue in color with a creamy consistency. Fine apricot grains are present which are not harsh on the face. The fragrance is refreshing and won’t be a problem for strong nose people.


I have oily skin and hence a facial scrub is a must. It helps to removes dead skin cells and deep cleanse my pores. I use it twice a week generally. Only a pea size amount is enough for the entire face. It lathers up when I rub it on my face and neck with damp hands in circular motions. After washing off, it leaves my skin soft and smooth.

The facial scrub doesn’t dry my skin as it is oily. Hence, for dry skin people a moisturizer must be used after using this scrub. It does not leave any film or residue behind on my skin. And the best part is there were no breakouts. Now the worst part is, it contains loads of chemicals!!!


Pros of the Beauty Formulas Pore Cleansing Seaweed Facial Scrub

• It deep cleanses the pores.
• The skin looks soft and smooth.
• The fragrance is refreshing.
• Does not make my skin dry.
• The scrub will suit oily skin people.
• Price is affordable.
• Quantity is excellent considering only a small amount to be used.
• No breakouts or itchiness.


Cons of the Beauty Formulas Pore Cleansing Seaweed Facial Scrub

• Contains parabens.
• Availability is an issue.


IMBB Rating: 4.5/5 (parabens)
Would I Repurchase the Beauty Formulas Pore Cleansing Seaweed Facial Scrub?
I am not sure because it has parabens. However, I liked the product and it did fare well on me.

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  1. I am also trying to stay away from parabens these days. I have never tried this brand, but IMBB has some very nice reviews on their products.

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