Beauty Formulas Soothing & Hydrating Mask Review

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Today’s review will be on a mask from Beauty Formulas. I’ve shopped a few skin care products from this brand which I shall review soon. But today, let’s start with this mask and see how it fares.

Beauty Formulas Soothing & Hydrating Mask

Price: Rs 219 for 50 ml


Description & Ingredients:


My Experience with Beauty Formulas Soothing & Hydrating Mask:

This mask comes in a plastic pouch which has an opening. I like the packaging because the screw cap can be easily opened and closed and the product inside stays fresh and germ free. The packaging is hygienic and travel friendly. The packaging also has a lot of information on both sides.



The product inside is a clear blue gel which is slightly sticky to touch. My skin felt a slight burn for a few minutes when I applied. The gel has a thin consistency and is easy to spread all over the face. As instructed I washed my face first and then applied this mask on my face and neck for 15 minutes. It washes off easily and after pat drying my face, I noticed that my skin felt really soft. But there wasn’t any other change like brightness or glow. My skin felt the same, just softer and moisturised.


This mask doesn’t provide and glow whatsoever. Neither does it make dull skin look bright or fresh. Yes it does clean the face nicely! Also, I don’t like the fragrance of this mask. It smells chemical like and is quite strong.
Also since you need little product every time, you can use this for 4-5 times or even more.

Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Beauty Formulas Soothing & Hydrating Mask:

• Nicely packed.
• Takes only 15 minutes.
• Skin feels softer and moisturised.


Cons of Beauty Formulas Soothing & Hydrating Mask:

• Burns on the skin hence not soothing.
• Doesn’t make dull skin look bright or fresh.
• I don’t like the smell.
• Quite expensive for just 50 ml!

IMBB Rating: 2.5 / 5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Beauty Formulas Soothing & Hydrating Mask?
No for both.

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