Beauty Formulas Soothing and Nourishing Hand Mask Review

Beauty Formulas Soothing and Nourishing Hand Mask

Hello everyone. Finally after a long wait I received my vellvette bag. The happiness of its arrival is the best moment once in a month. I totally loved their new small little polka bag, that too filled with best goodies. Anyways today I am about to share my experience of beauty formulas hand mask. Yes girls, I am talking about a hand mask and not about the face mask.


Price: 175 INR

Quantity: 1 pair

Directions of use:

1. Wash hands and dry
2. Open pouch, remove gloves and use immediately to prevent drying out
3. Leave the gloves on for between 20-30 minutes and remove. No need to wash your hands after removing the gloves. Don’t reuse.



Product description: The hand mask is in the form of a pair of gloves, that are large in size with the active ingredients in them.

My take on Beauty Formulas Soothing and Nourishing Hand Mask:

Winters is taking away the moisture from our skin, and being girls we are very concerned about it. Every now and then we apply hand lotions and creams to maintain the softness of our skin. Even I do the same. But that day, during my visit to the beauty store, I discovered a hand mask, specially designed to provide the nourishment to our dry, chapped hands. So I thought of giving it a try. Immediately after coming home, I washed my hands and I opened the pack of gloves. I could easily sniff the mild fragrance in them. It was kind of flowery, with little sweet notes. This fragrance lingered on for 1 hour after the usage of the gloves. On putting my hands inside the gloves I could see feel the creamy substance in them. So for further confirmation I removed my hand and saw the white coloured cream on to my hands. The hands had to be put in the gloves for minimum of 30 minutes. I did the same and applied a rubber band at the lower end of the gloves, because of its extra-large size.


After about 30-35 minutes, I removed the gloves and saw my hands. That creamy substance was still there, so I massaged it into my skin and did not wash my hands after that. I could easily feel the softness and nourishment it had provided to my hands. I did not apply any cream after it and I really loved my hands after its use. After four hours, I washed my hands and felt that still there wasn’t much requirement of the hand lotion. There was only mild dryness. But truly speaking, sometimes eve after the application of hand lotions we feel that our skin is not nourished. In this case after the use of this hand mask, I am feeling as if the lotions and creams are also doing wonders to my skin.

So my dear and lovely beauties if you are taking care of your face, please give a little attention to your hands and feet too. I am sure many of you would like it.


Pros of Beauty Formulas Soothing and Nourishing Hand Mask:

• It makes the hands super soft
• Provides maximum nourishment in just half an hour
• Your hand creams and lotions would also start working in a better way after its use.
• Fragrance is good and appealing to the nose.
• Easily available



Cons of Beauty Formulas Soothing and Nourishing Hand Mask:

• It can be used only once. I wish they had few more pair of gloves in one pack.

Otherwise there no other flaw associated with it.

Would I repurchase it?

Yes for sure, especially during the next month of January which is super chilling.

True to its claims?

Beauty formulas soothing and nourishing hand mask is specially formulated rich emollient treatment to provide long lasting moisture to help restore suppleness to dry, rough chapped hands. Enrich with peach extracts and active emollient Shea butter, honey and other natural anti-oxidants to quickly and effectively penetrate, protect and nourish for improved skin tone and texture.

My opinion: Yes it does the same as it says.

Rating: 4.5/5 (0.5 deducted for its one time use property)

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7 thoughts on “Beauty Formulas Soothing and Nourishing Hand Mask Review

  1. wow.. never heard of such concept but it looks awesome *woot* *woot* n i agree with u they shud have provided more gloves in one pack *hifive* *hifive*

  2. I have used the purederm one which looked the same *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* i think this is great for once in 15 days treatment *happydance* *happydance*

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