12 Beauty Hacks Every Working Woman Should Know

By Shivani Trivedi

Bonjour Beauties!
Hope you are enjoying tasty drinks to deviate from this scorching sun rays and having fun. Today I am going to share all the essential and quick beauty hacks which every working woman should know. This post is especially for those who need to rush to work every morning and of course no one would like to bring a tired and weird face at the workplace. So let’s take a look:

Hair Care Hacks:

As we take a lot of time to manage our hair, I am going to start with some hair styling tricks:

Beauty Hacks Every Working Woman Should Know

No Wash Time: When you don’t have sufficient time for your hair, just pick some baby powder and apply it on the oily area of your scalp with your finger tips. The texture of the powder simply absorbs oil, making your hair oil free without leaving any greasy shine. Watch out the amount of powder and apply gently.

• DIY Leave In Conditioner: Apply a leave in conditioner by making your own at home and that too within minutes. All you need is a spray bottle, normal conditioner and water. Add 1 part of conditioner in 3 parts of water and stir it well. You are done. Now use it anytime, anywhere.

Massage your Hair: Massaging that unmanageable hair might not seem much important but can be helpful for those with dry hair. After applying moisturizer on your body, massage your dry hair with the hand from which you applied moisturizer. Dry hair will set in place.

Eye Makeup Hacks:

And now is the turn for eyes. I have big eyes and thick eyelids so I always like to make my eyes look little dramatic yet natural. Here we go…

Beauty Hacks Every Working Woman Should Know

Clump Fixation: Whatever you do, it happens and will always happens. No need to be worried, just pick a clean toothbrush and clear those clumps from your lashes. And moreover it is good to apply mascara at the end of your makeup routine to camouflage any eye shadow spillage.

The 2 in 1 Trick: This is my favorite trick. Take your eye lash curler and see the portion which touches your upper eye lashes. Apply kohl to that portion like a liner and then curl your lashes. You will see that along with the curled lashes, your liner is also applied on your upper lashes.

Keep a Nude Colored Pencil: Applying white or nude pencil on water line not only makes small eyes look bigger but also saves you from looking tired. Yes, you can try this.

Lipstick Hacks:

When it comes to wearing lipstick for workplace, you actually need to be careful and smart because you can’t wear every other shade at work. Here are the tricks to wear your favorite shades for office…

Beauty Hacks Every Working Woman Should Know

• The Lip Balm and Lipstick Connection: When you start doing makeup, apply some lip balm on lips. After doing it, apply lipstick at the end of your makeup routine. This trick makes the lip balm get absorbed in your lips making them soft and supple.

• The Secret Lipstick Trick: This is what I usually love to do. Obviously wearing a red lipstick at work seems like a crime. Apply lip balm on your lips and then apply only 1 swipe of the lipstick you are willing to wear. Make sure, the swipe is not repeated. Wearing lip balm underneath a single swipe lipstick makes any shade look subtle and appropriate for anywhere.

• The Cupid Bow Trick: By applying some concealer on the cupid of your upper lip makes it look highlighted. Thus with this trick, you can apply any shade on the lips to make it look nice on you.

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