Top 10 Miscellaneous Beauty Items You Just Should Not Miss!

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After my last post about the best high-end products of 2015 for which I ransacked my entire makeup collection, I came across more gems which I really couldn’t fit in the makeup category. These are miscellaneous items which you may or may not even know existed. These super practical items will not only make your beauty routine easier and simpler; you will fail to understand how you ever lived without them.  Here are the top 10 miscellaneous beauty items which will take your makeup routine from mediocre to magic!

Beauty Items you Should Not Miss Checking Out

For your precious tools:

1) Instant brush cleaner: We are all guilty of being lazy when it comes to washing our makeup brushes. On some days, you just need a quick fix.  For this, I swear by my Cinema Secrets brush cleaner. Just a few spritz on your brush, swipe on a clean tissue, and let it dry for a few seconds. Now, your brush will be completely clean of all residue makeup and sanitized.


2) Color switchers: Not all of us have a big makeup brush collection, but still have huge aspirations when it comes to makeup. We would love to create to beautiful smokey eyes, colorful eye looks which we see makeup gurus and MUAs create so flawlessly for which they use 20 different brushes.  You cannot just use the same brush for a light color after your messed it up with a darker eyeshadow which is why I love using Vera Mona color switch. You just swirl your dirty brush and it removes all the residue powder eyeshadow, ready to switch to the next color. Just make sure to use this with only powder residue and not cream. I find this incredibly helpful on my trips when I only take a couple of brushes with me but don’t want to skim on creating those fabulous eye looks.

Top 10 Miscellaneous Beauty Items You Just Should Not Miss!

3) A good eyelash glue: When you buy a pair of eyelashes, sometimes they come with a glue which is rarely good. A good glue can make or break your false eyelash experience. So, invest in a quality eyelash glue which is latex free and will keep your eyelashes in place all day without drooping, so you have one less thing to worry about. I love my Revlon precision lash adhesive which comes in both clear and black variant.


4) Brush cleaning glove/mat: Lots of companies are coming out with this brush cleaning mats/ gloves which are basically made of silicone with lots of tiny bumps on it, on which you swirl your brush while washing to deep clean every tiny bristle. Since I started using my Sigma 2x brush cleaning glove, my brushes have never felt cleaner. I am never going back to cleaning my brushes with just my fingers. These are an investment worth every penny.

Sigma brush cleaning glove

5) Brush shapers and tree: After washing, extra care must be taken while drying your brushes to keep them in top notch condition for years and years. This is especially true if you have made a great deal of investment in high-end or natural hair brushes. Even when you lay your brush on its side to dry, some water will still seep through, which could weaken the glue. For this, I love the Benjabelle brush tree (which I hope to review for you all soon), which helps you hang your brushes upside down so that all the water drains out. I also use my Coastal Scents brush guards over my brushes to reshape them as they dry. These brush guards are also great to protect your brushes during travels.

For simplifying your makeup routine:

1) Shadow shields: Creating eye makeup looks is messy, especially for beginners. There is fear of fallout, of creating messy lines, mascara smudges and lots more.  Not anymore, with a product like shadow shields. I rarely do my eye makeup without them. They help me get crisp cat eye lines, catch all fallout when I am working with pigments and glitters, and prevent mascara smudges on my lower lashes. You can of course substitute this with your regular duct tape (just make sure to reduce the tackiness by peeling it off multiple times on the back of your hand).


2) Makeup mistake cleaners: Mistakes are inevitable no matter how pro you are. For those tiny mistakes, I love using my Givenchy Mister Perfect Instant Makeup Eraser which is in a pen style format for ultra convenience. There are also drugstore alternatives to this or something like Too Cool for School Dinoplatz magic wand which is one-time use cotton wand with pre-filled makeup remover in it .  You can of course use your regular cotton bud with a bit of makeup remover on it, but this product is just for making your routine quick and simple.


Multi- taskers:

1) Mixing mediums: A product like Inglot Duraline which is a mixing medium that makes the products you have in your vanity become multi taskers. You can convert your powders into liquid, turn pigments into liners, and with this medium, even salvage your dried-up gel products with a few drops.

2) Mattifiers: You must be aware of a matte top coat for your nails which turns any glossy nail polish into a matte finish. Now, here’s something for your lipsticks.  Not all of us have a huge collection of lipsticks in different finishes – creamy, satin and matte. Plus with this whole liquid lipstick trend, matte lips are all the rage right now and if there is a favorite shade in your kit you would love to make matte, this is for you. Lots of companies and brands are coming out with their lipstick mattifiers and I predict this will be a huge thing in 2016. The Smashbox Insta Matte (which I hope to review for you soon) claims to do the same.  You can of course achieve this with a tissue placed on your lips and dust it with a translucent powder or another tip – use a mattifying primer on your face (to absorb oil) and dab a tiny bit on your lipstick. I recommend using Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying Primer.


3) Clear pencils: Not all of us have a stash of lip liners in every color to match our lipstick collection, yet lip liners play a vital role in making your lipstick last longer and prevent bleeding. Investing in a clear lip pencil will save the hassle and will pair with every lipstick in your kit. I recommend Urban Decay 24/7 lip pencil in Ozone. Also, a clear lip primer will perform the same way, I recommend Ardency Inn Lip Primer and Balm.


Hope you found all these tips and suggestions helpful. These are just some things I discovered and learnt during my makeup journey. If you have any tips to share, don’t forget to do so in the comments.

Peace and love to you all!

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