6 Beauty Products That Work Best When Applied With Your Fingers

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There has always been a dilemma as to what’s best for makeup application – brushes or our finger tips. There is actually no right answer to this question because it depends on how you work with both the tools. Right technique and quantity may give you a much better look with your fingertips rather than a poor technique with your brushes. So, don’t go buying expensive makeup brushes just because you saw a makeup artist work well with it. Do what suits you and works for you best. So, here are a list of beauty products which work well when applied with your tips.

Applied With Fingers

1. Foundation:

This is a no-brainer. When applied correctly with fingertips, it can give you a flawless appearance and a better coverage. When researched between the brushes and fingertips, it was found that women were using a lot of product for both the methods of application. When using your fingertips, you need a dime-sized product. Remember to put this on the back of your hand rather than your palm as it’s cleaner. The quantity of product required is more in the case of finger application as the warmth of our fingers tends to push the product deeper into the skin, using more product and thus giving heavier coverage. In case of brush application, you only need half the quantity of that in finger application. If you use a natural bristle brush, it will eat your product, if you use synthetic bristle brush, it will use less of the product. The application manner is same as that of finger application. This is give a lighter coverage and the coverage is easily buildable.

Beauty Products That Work Best full products

6 Beauty Products That Work Best When Applied With Your Fingers foundation

2. Eyeshadow:

Two years ago, when I didn’t know what makeup was (not literally), I was getting my makeup done by a professional for a wedding. She used her fingertips to apply eyeshadow and it was so perfect. She had blended black and pink shadows together. It had such a good finish and texture. Later, when I started to try makeup, I initially used my fingertips to apply eyeshadow. It gives you the control no brush can ever give. Also, there is something about the warmth of those fingertips. Even now, when I have learned to use makeup brushes, I still test the colours on the back of my hand with my finger tips and the colours never turn out the same way on my eyes.

3. Cream blushes:

Cream blushes when applied with fingers give a really nice smooth finish on the skin. They provide a natural-looking hue to the cheeks and blend like a dream. It’ll be that dewy stuff which gives the right amount of dewy texture to the skin.

6 Beauty Products That Work Best When Applied with fingertips

4. Lipstick:

I’m not too comfortable with applying lipstick with my fingertips. The outer lining of the lips and defining the cupid’s bow becomes a little difficult with those fat fingers of ours. But when you have a busted lipstick or you have a cold, and don’t want to get germs in your lipstick, smear a little on your fingers and apply them on your lips. Just make sure your hands are clean.

MAC twig lipstick finger tips application

5. Moisturiser:

There’s no better tool for your moisturiser. The fingers are delicate on your skin and it doesn’t tug at all. There are also areas on your face which you can’t reach with your brush. So ladies, throw those paddles away and use your middle finger to apply that moisturiser the next time. You’ll realise you’ve been doing it wrong all this time.

makeup with fingers

6. Acne cream:

I’m one of those lucky ones who didn’t go through an acne phase in my life. I’ve always had clear skin (fingers crossed). For acne cream, wash your hands and face such that it’s a clean canvas. You don’t want any external germs getting to your acne. Take a tiny amount of acne cream and dab it on the acne and spread it evenly. Wash your hands again as you may be carrying germs from your acne.

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