8 Beauty Products to Avoid During Pregnancy

Scientists like to play with the chemicals and they churn out new ones every other day. In case of the cosmetics world, this is not the time when people liked to go all natural. The chemical products which are being used today promise fast results. Most of them are safe to some degree but then, there are some those do not pass the safety exam with flying colours, and they are the ones one should be aware of at all times, especially a pregnant woman. Let’s take a look at the beauty products that needs to be avoided during pregnancy before it is too late.

Beauty Products to avoid during pregnancy

1. Luxury Bath Products

There are women who don’t really like to use the much expensive beauty soaps and gels. There are some who like to go cheaper and there is good news for them. A study conducted by the German scientists states that more expensive the product, the more concentration it is likely to have of the harmful chemicals that can prove toxic for the mother and the baby.

2. Skin Whitening Products

whitening creams during pregnancy

Melanin is what makes the skin look darker and the fairness products that are found in abundance in every beauty shop destroy melanin in order to make the skin look lighter. Hydroquinone is one chemical that is used extensively in the manufacturing of these creams and lotions and is very harmful for both the mother and the baby.

3. Tattoos

Tattoos are “IN” nowadays and many women are having them on. There is a well documented and widely known risk of disease transmission while getting tattoos. The needles that the tattoo artist uses go deep in the skin and enter the bloodstream which can cause infections.

4. Acne Medicines

Women suffering from acne tend to find it very important to get rid of them as soon as they start to show up. The chemicals used in the different acne meds may not set right with the foetus in the womb and can come in the way of a successful delivery.

5. Chemical Hair Removal

hair removing cream

Thioglycolic acid is one of the most active ingredients used in making of the hair removal products. The lack of studies on the acid makes it difficult to land up on a conclusion that they are harmful to some extent but still, the initial data warns that it may cause some harm if not used under proper supervision.

6. Nail Care

A recent study showed that there happens to be a definite connection between abortions and the women working in nail salons. The nail paints uses some very harmful chemicals that can prove to be fatal for the foetus and must be avoided at any cost.

7. Tanning Sprays

tanning spray

Tanning is quite a rage in the western countries but a very few know that the tanning products that are being used contain a chemical called Dihydroxyacetone, which can mess with the DNA and can prove to be fatal for the pregnant women and the baby in the womb.

8. Heavy Fragrances

They are pleasant but the chemicals used in making them are not. Phthalates happens to be one chemical that is widely used in making these products and it is widely unpopular for its level of toxicity.

Being pregnant is not an easy job, harder is trying to keep her and the baby safe until the time of the delivery. This is not a very serious cause for concern but a little bit more attention towards the harmful chemicals used in some products will ensure a healthy delivery.

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  2. I had read somewhere u should also not use hair color,hair sprays or dyes of any kind.. Thought to add it to the list..:)

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