Beauty Products You Should Never Share with Anyone!

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Imagine the scenario – few girlfriends in a restroom in front of the mirror, doing touch-ups. Can you realize how many beauty products get tossed around when so many girls are present and how unhealthy and unhygienic that makeup could be? In today’s post I will tell about products that you must never share with anyone.

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Jar of Cream

Beauty Products You Should Never Share with Anyone!2

You can make sure that your hands are clean when you are dipping your fingers in those jars, but you can’t be sure of anyone else’s hands. Can you? Using a cream again and again by unhygienic hands could lead serious skin infections for you. So, tell your friend to use a cotton Q-tip to take out the desired amount.

Lip Gloss

Beauty Products You Should Never Share with Anyone!5

We all are guilty of this one. At some point of time we all must have given our lip gloss to someone for quick touch up or probably you must have used someone else’s. The wand of the gloss directly touches the lips and our mouth area and hence, is one of the biggest source of inviting bacteria. So, stay away from sharing those gorgeous lippies with your friend next time.


Beauty Products You Should Never Share with Anyone!

Sometimes, you have small nicks and cuts on your skin that you don’t even realize. If a razor is used on that skin, the razor would probably draw blood or fluid from that area leaving the next user at the risk of very serious infections one of them being HIV. One should never share their razor with anyone else.

Makeup Brushes

Beauty Products You Should Never Share with Anyone!6

Makeup brushes could be a breeding ground for bacteria as when your makeup brushes are wet, they create the perfect environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive. This could lead to various infections and breakouts on the skin. Wash your makeup brushes from time to time with a mild cleanser and do not share them with anyone else around.

Eye Makeup Products

Beauty Products You Should Never Share with Anyone!1

Makeup products like mascaras, kohls and eye liners come in close contact with the eye membranes. Our eye area does not have the protective shield as the other parts of the body. So, this makes it really fragile and prone to infections. So, doesn’t matter how much you think you need that kohl in your eyes, never ask for anyone else’s. You do not want to fight pink eye and conjunctivitis like problems.

Bath Essentials

Beauty Products You Should Never Share with Anyone!4

You must never share your loofah or a bar of soap with anyone else. They are used for cleansing, but they cannot clean themselves. Always have a different soap for you and have your own loofah. No matter how close you are, these things are not meant to be used and shared by all.

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  1. I am a very private person. I don’t like to share anything with anyone and I feel a lot of people need to read this post to find out why! I have come across random girls in public restrooms asking for combs or kajal! I mean, eeeewww!! Really good post Vandana. Loved it.

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