My Beauty Regimen

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By Sows

beauty“Just as relaxing as the sound of the birds singing in the morning.  As natural as the pouring rain while sipping a cup of tea… Just a cup of coffee, bread, and plain shower and I’m all set for the day.” Well, that’s what I wanted to say when my girl buds asks about my morning rituals or beauty regimen in keeping my glowing skin.  (Please, don’t state the obvious.  Joke!)  This is what bursted out of my lips. “I’ve got to climb the highest hills, swim numbers of rivers, make a bird A.K.A. Adarna sing a melodic tune, fitting into a black blouse “Blusang Itim” that magically has magical powers or maybe stumble upon an elder who’ll give me an amulet that fades away wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots.  🙂 ” that’s how hard it is being a girl, trust me.  Hehe.  As usual, they laugh out as hard as they could.  But maintaining beauty isn’t to be laugh about.  It’s something not just in the inside but should or could as well be noticeably outside.

Beauty isn’t as good as an every optimistic person would say – that is, in the eye of the beholder.  What if the beholder is half asleep, hallucinating, or your mom?  Would it be accurate to say you’re beautiful? LOL.  Obviously, you had to work on being beautiful. [And I’m not going to give you a litany or two on how to have buns, be a health but and some exercise stuffs because I’m not doing it myself either and I have to protect my credibility. :p ]  But when it comes to staying flawless and less stressful, maybe I can help a bit. Because of work nature and self abuse, we take our skin for granted.  Thus, we look old and less delicious.  Kidding. Here I will share some of my regimen just to look as human being as possible. 😛 eye bags

First, I think a lot of people suffer from eyebags due to lack of sleep and stress.  That’s why Garnier, a mass market of L’Oreal, developed a product which can resolve this. Introducing the Garnier Eye roll on.  As their ads claim, it “hydrates, cools, and refresh tired-looking eyes”.  So as yours truly is itching to get rid hers, she bought one at half the price of P199 here in the Philippines.  At a first try, it felt a little tingly but cooling afterwards.  It also has a revolving metal that looks cool and I bet that’s the blame for it’s cooling effect.  Now, I can’t really say that my eyebags really dissappeared with just a week of usage but I think it has improved. garnier-light-eye-rollon-roller3 Next, I’m always into particular about the oil on my face.  I’m a bit chubby and guess it explains why I got the skin type. Skin White Powder Source

For this, I tried SkinWhite’s face cream powder.  I’m a bit fortunate of having a non-sensitive skin that adapts from luxurious to mass market products.  This product is so cheap but doesn’t take quality for granted.  It’s cream based and set in as a powder with it’s lasting effect. Avon Lipstick With the help of a moisturizer (mine’s Maxipeel), eyeliner and blush on (both at any Watson’s) and my Avon colour collection moisture intense pink petal lipstick, I’m all settle for the 8 hour office workload.

Stay beautiful without getting a price stress!! 😛

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5 thoughts on “My Beauty Regimen

  1. You know Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick also has a shade called Pink petal. God knows who stole from whom. 😛

    Loved the way you wrote the post. You write very well. 🙂

    1. yup. but what i like about this Avon lisptick is the moisture that keeps my lips hydrated..i guess! “God knows who stole from whom.” actually, i really dont care as long as consumers benefited from it.


      thank you for that comment. really appreciated! more power! 😎
      .-= sows´s last blog ..Charice got a Botox! =-.

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