Beauty Secrets To Look Fresh Face Throughout The Day

We are sharing some tips for all you working girls to look fresh even after a tiring day at office. We understand that most of you are working not just in the office, but at home for husband/children. Yes, we know for a fact that all home makers work more than us 9-5 job folks, so this post is dedicated to all of you out there:

Look Fresh Beauty tips

1. Carry all essentials in your office bag:

I have a mini home in the office, so I never feel agitated ever if I miss out on anything. From hand lotions to wet wipes, sanitizers, green tea sachets, vitamins you name it, I have it in my drawer. Many times, my colleagues have come and borrowed things from me and even implemented the same for themselves. *happy dance*

2. I Tone/Refresh Tears Eye Drops:


This is the most important thing for all you girls who strain your eyes for long hours due to long hours of computer screen exposure. I recommend, you buy these over-the-counter eye drops easily available in the market. I personally use Eye tone.  It has the following ingredients – distilled water, tulsi extract, pure honey and other cooling ingredients. It instantly perks up my eyes. I use it 2-3 times a day and put 1-2 drops in one go. Trust me; it keeps your eyes fresh! It is also a great tip to follow, before applying make-up.  A word of caution here, these eye drops should be finished within one month from opening the seal and please do not share them with other people.

3. Rubbing Ice/Filtered Cold Water:

Ice cubes

This tip is the most common one and mostly you all must be following.  I usually get some ice in a clean handkerchief and rub it on my face gently. I also add rose water at times or freeze rose water cubes. It works wonders. The effect of rubbing ice on the face is stimulating the blood flow thus, makes it a bit reddish initially. Don’t worry about that at all. Another advantage of the same is that it helps the makeup applied stay longer 😀 Another quick tip I follow is that I keep a clean water bottle (filtered) in the fridge and wash my face early in the morning. I also use it after I come from office. It refreshes the skin instantly.

4. Essential Vitamins:

Vitamin E capsules

Okay, some of you may not like this idea, but I have been doing this for years now and I have no problems touchwood. I take Vitamin E (Evion 400) and vitamin C tablets (Lymcee) after breakfast daily. Vitamin E has skin healing properties and protects you from the sun whereas; Vitamin C is keeps skin healthy. These vitamins are available over the counter and are very reasonable.

5. Green Tea:


Okay, I am an ardent green tea drinker. I do not consume normal tea or coffee. I believe green tea improves the skin texture, keeps you fit and minimizes swollen faces. Do give it a try. I have a green tea maker on my desk. FYI my brother knows my obsession for green tea and he has kept my name as green tea on his phone.

6. Small meals at regular intervals:

This is the famous Rujuta Diwekar tip *jai ho* I have been following her books, tweets, every other article. She has written some very good books. Small meals keep you active and you will have energy throughout the day, hence keeping you cheerful. Do remember happy girls are the prettiest. *preen*

So , hese are some tips I have been following for many years now, believe me, it works wonders. These are very easy to incorporate and help you get rid of the mundane week ahead. I hope you like my secret tips. Last but not the least, please drinks lots of H2O and consume as much as fresh foods as possible.

Love to you beauties 🙂

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33 thoughts on “Beauty Secrets To Look Fresh Face Throughout The Day

  1. Vrinda…..thanks for these tips….Neha had suggested Itone to me and its the most awesome product, I have been using it regularly now 🙂 *happy dance*

  2. i tone! i keep in my hand bag and fridge! i think three generations of my family use it 😛
    thnks for the post vrinda

  3. I simplyyyy loved reading your article! *clap* *clap* Great post…
    I too follow thw Vitamins and green tea thing… Eye drops is indeed an eye opener! 😀 *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

    I take Vitamins daily before bed do you think that is ok? or shall I change it to morning? *thankyou*

  4. Vidhi, I read many books etc., on consumption of vitamins. I could understand that you can take them soon after your first meal!

    And you are so pretty, you don’t need any of this 😀 *preen*

    Eye drops are a great find btw!

  5. Hi Pallavi, You can get easy to make green tea makers at CCD. They sell it.

    Also there is a Sanjeev Kapoor green tea maker. Very simple to use.

    I avoid tea bags since I read lot of negative reports about them.*announce*

  6. amazing article vrinda!! truly useful i must say. i too vouch upon the itone drops. besides tht, i just love systane ultra. these are the bestest lubricating drops in the world, though a bit expensive. if u dont wear lenses, do try them. if u are a lense wearer, then systane has a different variant.
    ur name green tea ! lol!!
    yess..vitamins make a lot of diffence. i take amway nutrilite daily. and evion on and off.
    u know, i love keeping some cardamom pods in my purse. better mouth freshner than gum. no need to find a bin 😀
    would hv loved some hair tips too 🙂

  7. Hi Jyoti I agree Humble Cardamom ..Did you need its a weight loss agent also 😉

    Sahiba: Glad you noticed that I won *happydance* I can share the goodies with you 😀

  8. Vrinda….dats an awsome post *thankyou* …..every single tip is so easy to follow and useful *jai ho* ….i take green tea too regularly but thru tea bags…u mentioned negative reports about it *scared* …can u pls share more details on same *waiting* ….and my eyes tend to get so dry and i always forget to carry my refresh tears wt me… *spank* but will surely be more regular about it now…and I love the fact that u take care of urself and inspire others also office and on IMBB….. *puchhi*
    btw congrats on winning the goodies…. *hifive*

  9. Hi Anuradha, Thanks 😀
    I have read about these Tea Bags having substandard paper -probably recycled. Also they have toxins in that paper, so in effect it mines any good done by Green Tea *green*

  10. Hi Vrinda,

    Gr8 post! just one ques.. do u know if itone can be used on contact lenses. I use lenses during the day so i was wondering if itone can be used over lenses.


  11. Hi Deepa,

    On the pack of Itone, it has been mentioned to use before going to bed and soon after waking up. I doubt if you can use it with lenses on.

    I don’t wear lenses, so I have no clue *duh*

  12. hahah me too take limcee and evion not that often but every week surely
    and me too rujuta diwekar worshipper! *happydance*

  13. Oooh Vrinda, great post. And why I liked it so much was ‘ços as I read through each tip, I was just thinking to myself, ‘Yes, this is me’ 🙂 And I totally agree with your mini-home in office policy. Many colleagues remark that i have a mini kitchen in my drawers 😉 The eye-drops is a great tip. I wera contacts, would I be able to use it too?

  14. Vrinda, loved reading through all the points. Very useful article. Thanks for all the tips. Btw, which green tea do you use and what all vitamins? Pls suggest.

  15. Thanks to all.

    Gurpreet I rub ice everyday. whenever I get hold of it.

    Neha: Rujuta is coming up with another book *happydance*

    Tanvi: I take chamomile, strawberry, jasmine, lemon, anything under the sun 😀

    Vaishnavi: I suggest, lens wearer to remove lenses and then use it *specs*

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